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June 4 Special: What Happened to the Iconic ‘Tank Man’?

June 4 marks the 31st anniversary of what has come to be known as the “Tiananmen Square Massacre,” when Chinese troops opened fire on unarmed civilians, mostly students, bringing a sudden and bloody halt to the protest movement for reforms. Since the entire morbid event is massively censored in China, only people who were there […]

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Why You Will Never Ever Know the Facts About Coronavirus in China?

During the 4th June 1989 student pro-democracy protest in China, which is remembered as the Tiananmen Square massacre, the Chinese communist government claimed that “no shots were fired.” We asked with all due indignation ‘Why were we not told about the SARS epidemic?’ when the SARS cover-up by the Chinese communist party was finally exposed in […]

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Love in the time of Wuhan coronavirus?

With the fear psychosis gripping the world and almost every country spewing venom and racist sentiments against Asian communities in some places, one young man had the courage to stand in a public place and restore people’s faith in humanity. Love and compassion in the face of adversity make the act nobler. On Sunday, February […]

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Would you refuse $60 million offered to you?

“Make him an offer he can’t refuse” is the best-known line from The Godfather, the book and the film. But what made Jeffrey Van Middlebrook, a polymath inventor in Silicon Valley, refuse $60 million offered to him? Middlebrook invented a way to sequester gas from waste combustion in his workshop. The system could worth millions, and […]

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Can Hugs Bring Communities Back Together?

Do you remember the bombing after the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester arena in Manchester, England, that killed 22 and injured around 120 on May 22, 2017? It was the day when once again the terrorist attack created a fear psychosis and a rift between communities. Sadly, it is traumatic not only for the […]

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