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Rains in Mumbai flood Tulsi lake, which supplies drinking water to the city

Following heavy rains in the city and suburbs, the Tulsi lake, one of the seven reservoirs that supply water to Mumbai, overflowed on Thursday. Powai lake, another reservoir in the heart of Mumbai, started overflowing earlier this month, but its water is not for drinking. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) officials said the Tulsi lake, located

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Does Flooding Impact Housing Prices and Demand?

Undoubtedly, urban flooding, especially in a country like India, which sees annual monsoons, can have serious economic consequences. These consequences are completely apart from the inconveniences and frayed tempers caused by pothole-raddled, awash streets. For example, excessive rains ruin crops – a serious matter in agriculture-driven nations where food prices are dictated by availability. Flooding

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