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Gambling house of edge winning
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The Mathematics of Gambling: Understanding the House of Edge

Have you ever seen someone win millions from a casino and wondered if that could result in the downfall of the casino? Casinos prepare for such instances long before they start operating. Before a casino offers you a million dollars in prize money, it already has the money to back the offer. Moreover, it has

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online gambling industry India affecting bitcoin betting
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Will India’s New Gambling Policies Affect Bitcoin Betting?

The online gaming and gambling industry in India is growing at a frightening pace. Indeed, by some estimates, it could exceed $7 billion in value by 2026. For this reason, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has been drafting legislation for some time that would give the government greater control over online games involving real money.

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lottery India states allow
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Lottery Business in India – Ban or What? Which states allow?

The lottery has been a popular way of trying to win thousands, if not millions of Pounds, Dollars or Euros for many years now. However, in India the history has been trickier but ultimately just as popular as all of the other countries around the world.  So why has it been so tricky for Indians

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