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Steel stocks recover, demand-supply favor Indian companies

Steel stocks have witnessed a strong recovery since the lows of February.  Furthermore, the balance in demand and supply has favored Indian companies.  Additionally, dipping coking coal prices and rising domestic steel prices lay the ground for profits for Indian steel manufacturers.  Moreover, the depleting geopolitical crisis reduced European steel supplies from Ukraine and Russia.  […]

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India finds ways to help Sri Lanka amidst geopolitical crisis

The two ways India can help Sri Lanka are through plantation and tourism: Sri Lanka’s primary source of income.  However, the Indian economy is a target of the rising Russia-Ukraine crisis, the removal of PM Imran Khan, and border troubles with China.  Furthermore, the demonetization in 2016 slowed down India’s economic growth.  Nevertheless, while solutions […]

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Rupee Depreciation significantly affects the economy

Presently, the world witnesses the rupee depreciation touching a record low of 3.5% as compared against the dollar in 2022.  Moreover, such significant rupee depreciation is a byproduct of conflicts between Russia and Ukraine.  After all, the Russia-Ukraine war fueled the rising oil and various other commodity prices.  However, increasing interest rates in the US […]

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India’s economic recovery unrushed due to geopolitical crisis

India’s economic recovery remains unrushed due to the recent pandemic and Russian invasion.  As previously predicted, India’s economic recovery is growing slower due to last year’s Covid cases and rising commodity prices.  India’s economic recovery delayed According to the median estimate in a Bloomberg survey, GDP probably expanded 9.1% in the year to March 31.  […]

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