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What is happening to the Bitcoin? Why it is crashing?

Few weeks ago, when I looked at my phone under the crisp spring sun, I was taken over by panic. The cryptocurrency market had crashed; all of my investments were down significantly. After few moments, I exhaled and said, “It’s a volatile market, it will recover soon.” But till day the slump in the market […]

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Elliptic: Ukraine’s cryptocurrency donations worth $13 million

Ukraine’s government has raised cryptocurrency donations worth $13 million, according to Elliptic. As per data from Elliptic, a blockchain analysis firm, bitcoin donations poured in after Ukraine appealed to social media.  Ukraine’s cryptocurrency and digital token donations On Saturday, Ukraine’s official Twitter account appealed for cryptocurrency donations. Ukraine’s Vice-Prime Minister and minister of digital transformation, […]

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India’s economic recovery unrushed due to geopolitical crisis

India’s economic recovery remains unrushed due to the recent pandemic and Russian invasion.  As previously predicted, India’s economic recovery is growing slower due to last year’s Covid cases and rising commodity prices.  India’s economic recovery delayed According to the median estimate in a Bloomberg survey, GDP probably expanded 9.1% in the year to March 31.  […]

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Mainland China markets rise after Lunar New Year holidays

After the Lunar New Year holidays, Mainland China markets rose. On Monday, the markets reopened, as Asia-Pacific shares were mixed, while investors continuously monitored the Ukraine situation.  Stock market after the Lunar New Year The Monday stock market saw the Shanghai composite soar 2.03% and close at 3,429.58. Furthermore, the Shenzhen component rose 0.965% to […]

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Global economic growth to drop 4.4% after slowdown in U.S. and China: report

A new report by International Monetary Fund (IMF) shows reduced rate of global economic growth at 4.4 percent, lower than its earlier prediction of 4.9 percent. The report states that the larger than expected lockdowns in United States (U.S) and China are responsible for this reduction.  “We project global economic growth this year at 4.4 […]

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World Bank expects the Indian economy to grow at 8.3%

World Bank has estimated an 8.3% growth in the Indian economy in FY22 and 8.7% in FY23. Compared to India’s immediate neighbours, the Indian economy rate is more vigorous.  Indian Economy Grows at 8.3% in FY22 The Global Economic Prospects report expects the Indian economy to grow at 8.3%. The forecast also predicts for FY […]

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The Ultimate Revelation Of US Dollar Goes Down To 1-week Low As Investors Are Optimistic About Global Outlook

As new variants of COVID-19 emerge rapidly, the world economy is struggling to maintain balance. Nevertheless, our economy is equipped with safe-haven currencies to maintain this balance. The US dollar is one such safe-haven currency facing a one-week low against its fellow safe-haven currencies. As devastating as it may seem, there has been a turn […]

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