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Investing in biotechnology: what you need to know?

Biotechnology is usually associated with doctors and medicine, but it goes beyond this. Even though it is a rather new field many people might not know so much about, it has already revolutionized the world. It is behind so many inventions and advancements, not only in the field of healthcare, but in the environment, food, […]

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Why Branding for Healthcare is more important than ever?

Brand Promotion is a must for every industry, but when it comes to healthcare industry, branding becomes more imperative than ever because in the current increasingly saturated market, the patient aka consumer is becoming more and more aware. Today’s healthcare is driven by patient’s choice like never before. Every day, more and more direct-to-consumer healthcare […]

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The wife did not get treatment due to fear of Coronavirus, the report came negative

Meerut: The situation is worsening due to coronavirus, people are not interested in helping anyone because of fear of coronavirus. Fear of coronavirus emerged to such a level that even doctors are not caring for their patients, it sounds terrible to hear. Don’t think so? It is true, we are sharing a real incident of […]

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