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Increased tax slab may yield ₹1.50 lakh crore annual revenues

The GST council plans to increase the tax slab to 8% from 5%. Furthermore, the increase in tax slab may yield ₹1.50 lakh crore annual revenues.  The council aims to create a GST 3-tier structure instead of a 4-tier structure with revision rates at 8%, 18%, and 28%, respectively.  A panel of state finance ministers […]

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India’s K-shaped recovery from Covid likely to persist

India’s economic K-shaped recovery from Covid is likely to persist. Large numbers of Indian homes not under SC/ST/OBC earn less than the EWS income cap.  India’s section of society belonging to the unreserved category with an annual family income of less than 8 lakh rupees falls under EWS.  On Jan 14, 2019, amending the constitution […]

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YouTube generated ₹6.8k cr and 683,900 jobs in India in 2020

According to a report by Oxford Economics, YouTube generated ₹6.8k cr to the Indian GDP and 683,900 “full-time equivalent”  jobs in 2020.  With over 100,000 subscribers to 4,000 YouTube channels has generated a growth of over 45%, y-o-y.  The revenue generated from YouTube ads is a crucial source of income for 72% of creative entrepreneurs […]

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Is a rise in auto sales and demand a sign of economic growth?

Automobile demand and production across personal mobility and goods movement is a sign of the country’s economic growth.  Mint explains some exciting trends and points out potential risks according to wholesale auto data for February.  February numbers for auto sales OEMs dispatched wholesale passenger cars in sustained volumes in February.  However, two-wheeler production saw a […]

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1% increase in household spending seen since February

In February, a 1% increase in household spending means the increase was for 54% of families across urban and rural India.  According to findings released on Tuesday of a monthly CSI survey by Axis My India, fewer families increased spending on discretionary items in February.  Pocket-sized increase in overall household spending A pocket-sized consumption increased […]

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₹1.33 trillion collected in GST revenue by the centre and state

In February, the centre and state govt collected ₹1.33 trillion in GST revenue. According to the ministry, this represents the recovery of automobile sales.  Revenue stayed above ₹1.3 trillion in the second consecutive month of February.  Furthermore, before the pandemic disrupted economic activities, GST receipts crossed ₹1.39 trillion in April 2021. Centre and state govt […]

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Equity gains in FY20 earned by revenues of ₹50 lakh or more

On Monday, Revenue Secretary Tarun Bajaj said, most of the long-term capital gains from equities in FY20 came from people earning ₹50 lakh and more.  Furthermore, he said the Finance Act of 2018 on long-term capital gain has served as a fair tax.  Long term capital gains from equities in FY20 Long-term equity gains are […]

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India’s economic recovery unrushed due to geopolitical crisis

India’s economic recovery remains unrushed due to the recent pandemic and Russian invasion.  As previously predicted, India’s economic recovery is growing slower due to last year’s Covid cases and rising commodity prices.  India’s economic recovery delayed According to the median estimate in a Bloomberg survey, GDP probably expanded 9.1% in the year to March 31.  […]

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Reasons why serious market investors should not deter

The world is in shock as Russia launches armed forces on Ukraine. Due to the recent crisis, Indian markets are witnessing a massive selloff.  However, despite the market on a rocky mountain, serious market investors should not deter.  Furthermore, Nitasha Shankar from Yes Securities says the constant movement of investments would likely result in excessive […]

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Russia to settle payments, Indian exporters needn’t worry

The west has not sanctioned all Russian banks, allowing free access to settle payments. Furthermore, Indian exporters needn’t worry as the US and Europe issue sanctions against the country.  Moreover, India has a trade deficit vis-à-vis Russia of $4.34 billion up to December. Meaning Indian entities owe Russia dollars in net.  As a result of […]

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