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RBI Monetary Policy – Can the Housing Market Absorb Another Hike?

With the inflationary pressures evident across the world, many countries have seen back-to-back interest rates hikes in the recent past. India is closely knit to the global economy and had to take remedial actions to control inflation, which is driven by domestic as well as global factors. In the wake of a surge in crude […]

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How are Interest Rates affecting the MSME Sector?

We have in this study examined financial performance of 3180 companies (excluding financial companies) and noted the trend in interest coverage ratio defined as Operating profit to Interest. This indicator reflects the comfort level of companies in debt servicing. Some interesting results: In response to falling interest rate cycle, interest coverage ratio of companies has […]

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Why Foreign Investors Are Pulling Out Of The India

Foreign investors have pulled out more money from India this year than they brought in between 2009-2021. Foreign institutional investors (FIIs) have pulled out 2,15,000 crores in 2022 from India while in comparison of 2021, it was 91,000 crores. Experts believe that the withdrawal of capital is likely due to concerns about global economic conditions, […]

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Fast-rising wages led the Fed to raise higher interest rates

The fast-rising wages could lead the Fed to raise higher interest rates. The Labor Department data released on Friday stated the average hourly earnings soared to 0.7% in January.  In the previous 12 months, the average hourly earnings ran at a 5.7% pace. Going back to 2007 the fast-rising wages is the fastest-move by a […]

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