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buy a home or wait - decision
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Buy or Wait? 6 Steps to Deciding if Purchasing a Home Now Makes Sense

Buying a home is the smartest decision to make if one can afford it, and we all know the reason. Home ownership builds equity and net worth over time as the property value appreciates, unlike paying rent which builds no assets. Home loan interest rates are currently still lower than they were before the Covid-19

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RBI unchanged repo rate
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RBI Keeps Repo Rate Unchanged – Advantage Housing

As widely anticipated, the RBI has decided to keep the repo rate unchanged at 6.5%. India continues to outperform other countries in terms of consumption and with the festive season coming up, the RBI will not risk denting it. This is nothing but good news for aspiring homebuyers on the market for a purchase in

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Interest rates effect on home buyer segments
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Impact of High Interest Rates on Home Buyers Across Segments

As we await the RBI’s monetary policy decision on the repo rate, let us examine the factors involved, and their implications on the Indian housing market across different home buyers segments. There can be various reasons for a hike in the repo rate, including inflationary pressure, rising food and fuel prices, excessive growth in the

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affordable home buyers EMIs jump 20%
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Affordable Home Buyers’ EMIs Jump Over 20% in Last 2 Years

Mumbai, 2 August 2023: In the Indian residential real estate market, affordable housing suffered the greatest impact of the Covid-19 pandemic – and unlike the other segments, has not recovered in the last two years. With buyers of this segment increasingly desisting from purchase decisions, affordable housing sales are languishing, and developers have accordingly curtailed its

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Global economy outlook 2023 - 2024
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Global economy – 2023 midyear market outlook

Global economy has, somehow, avoided recession in 1H23. However, global asset managers continue to expect that 2H is expected to bring more tests on account of higher interest rates and tighter liquidity. Investors are required to think twice before they jump into long-term U.S. bonds. Credit sectors and global ex-U.S. markets are expected to provide

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FDs for Senior citizens
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Unleashing the Potential: Exploring Banks Offering 9% Plus Interest on FDs for Senior Citizens

For a fixed tenure, fixed deposits (FDs) offer guaranteed returns. For safety, stability, and guaranteed returns, senior citizens prefer fixed deposits (FDs). Apart from providing fixed returns, they are easy to understand, offer liquidity options, and may offer tax benefits in some cases. FD rates as well as interest rates have gone up in the

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MPC likely to keep pause button pressed when it comes to RBI’s monetary policy

A number of eminent economists believe the Reserve Bank of India’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) will decide to pause interest rate hikes later this week. As a result of cooler inflation, the RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das-led panel is expected to maintain the repo rate at 6.5%. According to the CPI, retail inflation in April was

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investment interest
Banking & Insurance

How to Track Investment Interest Changes?

Understanding interest rates and their effect on investments is like navigating a ship through an unpredictable storm. Can you see what’s on the horizon and steer yourself away from danger? This article is here to help you do that. We’ll help you unravel the complexities of investment interest rates – even if you’re a beginner.

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RBI cut Interest rates
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RBI’s Possible Move to Slash 50 bps Interest Rates this year

According to economists at Bank of Baroda, India’s central bank RBI may reduce/cut its lending rate twice in the second half of this year (FY24) after raising interest rates by 250 basis points in the last financial year (FY23). As a result, the repo rate will fall to 6%, from 6.5% currently. The economists at

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Indian housing market boom
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Indian Housing Market Boom – Immune to Higher Interest Rates, Price Hikes?

Covid-19, along with its unexpected boost to the Indian housing market, has come and gone – and yet, residential real estate continues to sell at a rapid clip, after many years that saw developers struggling with low demand and mounting inventory. How did this happen? Is this demand sustainable? Is it a bubble that will

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