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Meta Platforms beats street expectations, yet investors remained concerned: Why?

Investors were able to lap up strong gains on the shares of Meta Platforms, Inc. this year as the stock has gone up by ~149.10% on YTD basis. At the time of earnings release, the company announced that it saw a good quarter. The company saw strong engagement throughout its apps and it has the

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How Metaverse Could Revolutionize Mental Healthcare – The WEF Report

A report released by the World Economic Forum -WEF on Monday, June 26, has stated that Metaverse technology could be a solution to the growing need to combat mental healthcare -related issues globally. One of the country’s most critical public health concerns – excessive screen time and social media usage – has been declared a

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Exploring the Implications of Meta’s Struggles to Retain Top AI Talent

After layoffs and researchers leaving Meta, CEO Mark Zuckerberg once invested heavily in the advancement of artificial intelligence. As AI continues to evolve, Meta is attempting to find its footing among industry leaders like OpenAI. A third of the company’s AI researchers have left Meta due to burnout or a lack of faith in Meta

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Metaverse: A double-edged sword

Imagine this: Within the next 10 years, you are in the metaverse and celebrating a successful business deal, but the joyful moment dissipates as it is quickly becoming apparent that the avatar (person) was not who you thought it was. Reality sets in. You have just become the victim of a cybercrime. Your financial assets

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The Metaverse, from reality to virtual! Which one do you choose?

Internet access has made the world a small global village. At first, few imagined that the internet could become so pervasive and popular that it would become an integral part of our lives today. But nowadays, in contrast to minority expectations, the internet has vast integral worlds in it which are getting bigger and bigger

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