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Fintech Startup Atomic Is Focused On Creating an $8 Trillion ETF Industry

Startup Atomic is dedicated to creating transparency in the finance industry. They have created a low-cost, ETF-based index that is designed to blow up the $8 trillion ETF industry. For decades, ETFs have been the most popular way for investors to own bundles of stocks in a way that is both tax efficient and straightforward. […]

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7 Important Points To Keep In Mind Before Choosing A Mutual Fund

Choosing an equity mutual fund for your portfolio demands a two-phased thorough selection process. The first involves determining your financial goal, as well as its time horizon and a risk tolerance evaluation. The second phase is finding appropriate funds and examining various risk parameters by seeking specific information about the funds. An investor must consider […]

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Tax Saving Mutual Funds’ monthly SIPs substantial increment

The monthly SIP of tax Saving Mutual Fund increases from ₹10,000 to ₹14.55 lakhs over seven years.  Presently, Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) is known as one of the finest investment tools.  Moreover, ELSS helps an investor synchronize with the markets and enables them to cut down the income tax.  Section 80C of the Income-tax […]

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SIP industry crossed the five crore mark in January

The SIP industry crossed the five-crore mark in January despite market volatility. Despite a pullback in the investor flow received by equity schemes, the MF industry witnessed 26 lakh new SIPs opened in January.  In the past five months, 24 lakh SIPs added in the MF industry indicated the importance of SIPs to investors.  Are […]

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Advisor Network Economic & Finance Market Overview Stocks & Funds

Quant Small Cap Fund Tops Performance Charts

Quant small-cap fund tops performance charts with 93.78% returns in 2021. The lesser-known mutual fund has been a top runner for two consecutive years, with a 76% return in 2020.  What is the reason behind Quant Small Cap Fund topping performance charts? While the reason behind the overnight success of Quant Small Cap Fund is […]

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There are signs of improvement in the economy, these four stocks are expected to high profit growth in 2020

The rate of economic growth has been slowing down over the years. But in the corporate tax cuts by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, it is believed that the Indian economy has been on track for the past one week. Some of the big players in the Indian e-commerce market such as Flipkart, Amazon, brick-and-mortar consumer […]

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