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Interest rates effect on home buyer segments
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Impact of High Interest Rates on Home Buyers Across Segments

As we await the RBI’s monetary policy decision on the repo rate, let us examine the factors involved, and their implications on the Indian housing market across different home buyers segments. There can be various reasons for a hike in the repo rate, including inflationary pressure, rising food and fuel prices, excessive growth in the

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Refinancing home loan
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Refinancing Your Home Loan: How To Reduce Your Monthly EMI Payments

Most banks have raised their home loan interest rates after RBI raised its repo rate by 25 basis points two weeks ago. The RBI raised the repo rate by 250 basis points between May 2022 and February 2023. The banks have transmitted almost all of the rate hikes or will do so soon. It means

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RBI's Bps repo rate hike
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RBI’s 35 Bps Rate Hike Won’t Rock Housing Boat

The 35 BPS rate hike by the RBI – the fifth consecutive rate hike this year – comes as no surprise. With repo rates now at 6.25%, there may be some repercussions on housing uptake. This hike will undoubtedly push up home loan interest rates, which had already crept up after four consecutive bps rate

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RBI Interest rates hike housing
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RBI Monetary Policy – Can the Housing Market Absorb Another Hike?

With the inflationary pressures evident across the world, many countries have seen back-to-back interest rates hikes in the recent past. India is closely knit to the global economy and had to take remedial actions to control inflation, which is driven by domestic as well as global factors. In the wake of a surge in crude

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RBI repo rates unchanged at 4%
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RBI plays it cautious, repo rates unchanged

Despite inflation edging higher in the aftermath of the Russia-Ukraine war and surging oil prices, the RBI has again decided to keep the repo rates unchanged at 4% and reverse repo rate at 3.35%. This is the eleventh consecutive time that the RBI maintained status quo amid the current uncertainties and the global economy also

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home loan benchmark rates
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Monetary Policy – Benchmark Rates Unchanged, Positive For Home Loan Borrowers

Had it not been for the pandemic the RBI would have definitely taken a different stance for the benchmark rates today. Considering the rate at which inflation is rising presently in the country, the RBI would have sought to increase the key rates. However, since the economy is still under pressure due to the pandemic

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RBI changes in online transactions and home loans
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Many things will change from 1st July. No charges on NEFT and RTGS

Upcoming Month or from 1st July, Many rules are going to be changed associated with home loans and online transactions. These changes might affect the country people. There are some other things are also going to be changed from 1st July. Some changes are good for you and some are bad… Let’s get more in details about

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