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Wall Street in steep decline as recession fears paralyze 2023 stock market predictions

Recession fears and market predictions have caused a lot of worries, resulting in decreased stock purchases. Wall Street strategists often set the 10% annual return for the S&P 500 as their target when they release their investment outlooks. Historically, the stock market has been a good indicator of how the economy is doing. However, this […]

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A Recession In The US May Force IT To Look For Outside Services

In the last two years, TCS, Infosys, and Wipro have been profitable and their salaries are increasing. But now their margins are at risk because of a potential economic slowdown in the US. The recession could prolong wage costs and reduce attrition from job seekers who are considering new jobs in the IT sectors. The […]

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TCS says no visible sign of recession yet, but deal sizes shrinking

TCS did not win any billion dollar deals in the June quarter, but had a decrease in new deal wins from $11.3 billion in the previous quarter to $8.2 billion in the past quarter. Compared to the last deal, this one had fewer wins at $400 million. “The recession is driving companies to do small […]

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Three reasons the economy could slow down unexpectedly

The 2020 recession generated the highest inflation since the 1970s.  However, the 2020 recession was the shortest.  Furthermore, the recovery was the fastest since the 19080s.  As the economy reopens amid disruptions caused by the pandemic, the next phase of the economy could slow down unexpectedly.  What are the three reasons that could slow down […]

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