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Remote workers who make at least $2,750 a month can apply to Portugal’s new ‘digital nomad visa’ starting Oct 30

The Portuguese government has introduced the first digital nomad visa program of its kind in Europe. Here’s how it stacks up to similar programs in other European states. Portugal recently released the requirements for its digital nomad visa, which lets remote workers who make four times the national minimum wage live and work in the […]

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Managing Remote Work Across Different Countries

Over two years since the outbreak of the pandemic, we’re no strangers to remote working by now. While some businesses simply found working from home to be the new normal, many companies introduced working from the office again this year. With the new coronavirus variant now upon us, it looks as though remote working could […]

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Adoption of new ways while coming back to Workplace

Over the past few months, the government had ordered the people to work from home across the globe. The pandemic has changed a few things irreversibly as the world has realized that people can be reasonably productive working from home. However, there are numerous factors that need to be kept in mind while one is […]

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