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Bangladesh approach ‘not to face Sri Lanka like crisis’

In recent times, one of the topics of discussion in regional politics including Bangladesh is the economic and political disaster in Sri Lanka. Since early 2022, this issue has been the subject of extensive discussion in both national and international level.  Bangladesh’s story is different from others The worsening economic crisis that Sri Lanka and

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Bangladesh aid potatoes to Sri Lanka amid ongoing food crisis

Sri Lanka’s prime minister has warned of a food shortage as the island nation battles a devastating economic crisis and promises to buy enough fertiliser for the next planting season to boost harvests. Sri Lanka is appealing for food assistance from its neighbours as the country’s debt crisis spirals into a humanitarian emergency. The government

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Why Pakistan and Sri Lanka Must Follow ‘Bangladesh Model’?

Sri Lanka and Pakistan must follow ‘Bangladesh Economic Miracle’ model to avert their economic crisis. As Sri Lanka and to some extent, Pakistan is going through an economic recession, their South Asian neighbor ‘Bangladesh’ has confirmed as a South Asian Economic Miracle’. As Bangladesh marks its 51th independence anniversary this year, its tremendous economic growth

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Why Bangladesh won’t fall into a crisis like Sri Lanka, Pakistan?

The South Asian Island nation, Sri Lanka is facing the challenge of the worst economic recession in history. Sri Lanka’s economy has collapsed. The facilities of the citizens are also being closed. Sri Lanka is going through a difficult time in the midst of political and administrative crises. The collapse of the tourism industry, the

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India finds ways to help Sri Lanka amidst geopolitical crisis

The two ways India can help Sri Lanka are through plantation and tourism: Sri Lanka’s primary source of income.  However, the Indian economy is a target of the rising Russia-Ukraine crisis, the removal of PM Imran Khan, and border troubles with China.  Furthermore, the demonetization in 2016 slowed down India’s economic growth.  Nevertheless, while solutions

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SL President Rajapaksa revokes state of emergency

On late Tuesday night, Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa revoked the state of emergency.  The announcement was made via gazette notification no 2274/10.  Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa announced a state of emergency on April 1 to curb mass-scale protests.  The protests are in light of Sri Lanka’s current economic and political distress. Furthermore, the UN human

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India offers $1 billion credit line to Sri Lanka

India offered a $1 billion credit line to Sri Lanka due to the rising economic crisis.  Furthermore, in mid-2021, Sri Lanka also received $200 million as aid from Bangladesh.  The introduction of organic farming, economic mismanagement, and many factors conclude the Sri Lankan crisis. A series of bomb blasts in April 2019 severely crippled Sri

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