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Technology – Going Beyond the Real Estate Boost

In India, technology now plays a significant role in the growth of not only businesses but society as a whole. Digital technology is now being used in several critical ways, including in the banking and finance sector, education, communication, healthcare – and real estate. During the pandemic, these technologies came to the forefront. Education went […]

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Canada invests C$240 mln for semiconductor manufacturing

Canada invests a total of C$250 million in surging its semiconductor manufacturing. The investment also covers chips research and bolster manufacturing. Semiconductors are crucial to national security and technological advancement.  François–Philippe Champagne launched the C$150 million Semiconductor Challenge Callout fund. Canada invests in the semiconductor industry The minister of innovation, science and industry launched the […]

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China: ‘Artificial Sun’ EAST Breaks The World Record

China’s experiment with an ‘Artificial Sun,’ also known as the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak – EAST, breaks the world record. The fusion reactor ran without interruption for nearly 20 minutes at an impressive 70 million degrees Celsius.  What is the ‘Artificial Sun’ EAST that broke the world record? In the 1950s Soviet physicists, Igor Tamm […]

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SpaceX’s Three Former Engineers Launch a Robotic Pizzeria That Bakes a Pizza Every 45 seconds

Welcome to the future, folks! These three former SpaceX engineers have just launched a robot that makes a pizza every minute.  The launch of Stellar Pizza’s delivery service might turn out to be a delightful treat and a new year’s gift for the people of Los Angeles. The former SpaceX trio of Benson Chai, Brian […]

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Top 5 Small Business Tech News of the Week

The technology of today’s world is so helpful for achieving your dreams. Technology helps in providing opportunities for your business. A great example of this is Linkedin, a social platform which plays a vital role in growing your business. Today in this article we are going to discuss about latest top 5 small business tech news […]

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7 Trends That Are Reshaping The Startup World

2020 was the most affected pandemic year and also has its impact on businesses. Only a few startups were found in this pandemic hit year. Around 2442 startups were found in 2019 and only 751 in 2020. About 32 startups were shut down due to the epidemic. Pandemic has reshaped the startup world There is no doubt […]

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After Apple, Samsung is worried too as its profit plummets

Tech companies are a worried lot and after Apple lowered its earnings estimates, Samsung too has come out with its business woes. Samsung said that it expects its Quarter 4 operating profit to drop by 30% as compared to the same period last year. The earnings estimate is far below the expectations of the analysts. […]

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7 Silicon Valley Tech startups to watch in 2022

One thing that has really caught up with the present generation is the idea of tech startups. They crop up by the hour and every new one is a novelty in its own sense. Though the emergence of silicon valley startups is spread all along the globe, one place where it seems to be significantly […]

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Is Google Slowing Innovation?

Whenever you hear the word Google, the first thing that might be coming to your mind is the web browser, Google Chrome or their email software, Gmail. It has become such a common household name that most people around the world only resort to services by Google to get their work done. The bigger question […]

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6 Tech Companies going to be public in 2019

Quite a few companies belonging to the technology sector are planning to go public with their shares in 2019, already earmarking the year to be one of the biggest of the decade for multiple tech IPOs, with valuations estimated up to a whopping 100 billion dollars. Though this transition was first initiated by ride companies […]

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