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Major European Banks Turn Heat, Fountains And Generators Off As Russia Stops The Gas Supply

As Russia stops the continent’s gas supply, European banks are implementing energy-saving measures. Banks are cutting down on energy consumption and giving employees “cycling days” off from work. Russia stops the gas supply to Europe in the form of pipeline Nord Stream 1, it says that until sanctions are lifted, they will not reopen the […]

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What You Need To Know About Relations Between Ukraine And Russia Today

Ukraine and Russia are both accusing each other of putting Europe’s largest nuclear power plant at risk. Russia has occupied the same land that is expected to be the next front line in the war. Diplomatic Solutions To Ukraine and Russia Russia’s foreign ministry has warned that diplomatic ties between it and the US could […]

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Ukraine-Russia War: Here’s How Elon Musk’s Starlink Technology Is Helping Ukraine Fight Russia

Starlink is crucial in defending Ukraine from Russia, according to a US official and Ukrainian military members. A USA Brigadier General said that SpaceX’s services have been indispensable to the Ukrainian military. He has worked closely with SpaceX and the US Army Futures Command to develop tactics for use in a future war with Russia. […]

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