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China Support for Russia: Is Putin Playing with Fire? Cold War Historian Warns of Potential Consequences

In the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China has been the country’s strongest ally – but relying on that partnership too heavily could spell trouble for Russian President Vladimir Putin. In part, the desire to curb US power drove Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping to boast about their “no limits” friendship. China has

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Putin Confirms First Nuclear Weapons Moved to Belarus Amid Ukraine Conflict

Vladimir Putin says Russia has already stationed a first batch of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. During a forum, Russia’s president said they would only be used if there was a threat to Russia’s territory or state. There is no indication that the Kremlin plans to attack Ukraine with nuclear weapons, according to the US

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Russia’s Economy at Risk: How Fighting Beyond Ukraine is Impacting Business

Fighting threatens to stall Russia’s economy as fighting spills over into border regions, causing tens of thousands to flee. Some Russian cities, such as Kursk and Krasnodar, have also experienced drone strikes. A dozen Russians have been killed. The Russian economy’s growth outlook for 2023 may be lowered to 0.8% as a result of full-scale

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Why More Russians are Choosing to Leave Their Homeland

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of Russians are estimated to have left their country. We examine who they are, where they are going, and why they are leaving. Originally from a small town, Svetlana moved to Moscow at 18 to study physics at university. After graduation, she worked

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Tragedy Strikes Kyiv as Three Civilians are Killed in Missile Attack

A new nighttime missile attack on Kyiv has killed three people, including an 11-year-old girl. Missiles attack and drones have been regularly fired at the Ukrainian capital Kyiv by Russia. 11 other people were reported injured in the latest missile attack in the eastern districts of Desnyanskyi and Dniprovskyi.-kyiv. The girl’s mother, 34, and a

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Western Intelligence Reports Reveal Russia’s Critical Loss in Combating Ukrainian Forces

During the Ukraine conflict, Russian forces lost at least half a dozen hard-to-replace radar systems that helped them find and destroy Ukrainian artillery. Western intelligence believes Moscow may only have a few surviving. As reported by the British defense ministry on Friday, Ukraine’s special operations forces have published footage showing the destruction of a Russian

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Western companies leaving Russia are being forced to donate to the country – and this is making it harder for them to do so

In the wake of the Ukraine war, the Kremlin is still trying to penalize Western companies leaving the Russia – and now it is increasing the cost of leaving. According to a document posted by the Russian finance ministry on Monday, investors from “unfriendly countries” — those that have imposed sanctions on Russia for its

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A Reflection One-Year On From The Start Of The Conflict In Ukraine

Mumbai 24 February 2023: The Russia/Ukraine conflict was the defining security issue of 2022, highlighting how geopolitics and the threat of interstate conflict are back on the corporate risk agenda. 24 February 2023 marks one-year since the conflict began and in recognition of this milestone, International SOS shares insight into how it supported clients, key

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Major European Banks Turn Heat, Fountains And Generators Off As Russia Stops The Gas Supply

As Russia stops the continent’s gas supply, European banks are implementing energy-saving measures. Banks are cutting down on energy consumption and giving employees “cycling days” off from work. Russia stops the gas supply to Europe in the form of pipeline Nord Stream 1, it says that until sanctions are lifted, they will not reopen the

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What You Need To Know About Relations Between Ukraine And Russia Today

Ukraine and Russia are both accusing each other of putting Europe’s largest nuclear power plant at risk. Russia has occupied the same land that is expected to be the next front line in the war. Diplomatic Solutions To Ukraine and Russia Russia’s foreign ministry has warned that diplomatic ties between it and the US could

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