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Rupee at risk from dollar gains, Experts predict it could slip to 82 as Dollar strengthens

Rupee tumbles to 78.95 today from 74.51 on January 1, 2022 Continuous FII outflows, rising dollar index, rising interest rates and inflation are major concerns. Sliding the rupee lower is a concern. Analysts predict that the rupee could fall as low as 82 in the coming time. India’s currency, the rupee, has been extremely volatile […]

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The Ultimate Revelation Of US Dollar Goes Down To 1-week Low As Investors Are Optimistic About Global Outlook

As new variants of COVID-19 emerge rapidly, the world economy is struggling to maintain balance. Nevertheless, our economy is equipped with safe-haven currencies to maintain this balance. The US dollar is one such safe-haven currency facing a one-week low against its fellow safe-haven currencies. As devastating as it may seem, there has been a turn […]

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How is the US Dollar Moving Crypto Market Volatility?

The US dollar remains the world’s most seminal and iconic international currency, and one that features on one side of around 88% of all global forex transactions. Not only is the US dollar the most widely traded and crucial from an historical perspective, but it’s also the world’s largest foreign reserve currency and remains the […]

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