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Culprit, Cost and Compensation of Covid-19 : A complete report

With approximately 4.34 million Covid-19 cases reported worldwide, and the numbers increasing every single day. This pandemic has harrowingly cost of human lives and their livelihood. While the majority of the world has united in this fight against the pandemic Covid19 and the advancements in medical research will hopefully soon result in its containment but […]

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Why did Wuhan in China become the epicentre of the coronavirus?

Source: Youtube/FalunDafaIndia It is interesting to note that Liu Bowen, an ancient sage in the Ming Dynasty, predicted the time, location and susceptible population of the outbreak of coronavirus in his book Taibai Mountain Monument Inscription, in the following verses:  “One worries the onset of disaster in Huguang (a region in China that includes Hubei), which […]

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