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Earth is still not out of Covid; One person dying every 44 seconds: WHO Chief

With one person dying every 44 seconds on Earth, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the earth is still not out of the covid despite declining cases. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General, said that this virus will not just fade away. “The decline in reported cases and deaths is continuing. But there […]

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Countries, health partners discuss strengthening collective response to COVID-19 in WHO

The World Health Organization(WHO) Yesterday convened a meeting of member countries and health partners to discuss strengthening of collective efforts to control COVID-19 spread. “Several countries continue to experience high transmission. We are still very much in the acute phase of pandemic. We must continue to aggressively respond, using all tools at our disposal,” said […]

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Sufficient Nutrition is a right of every child

New Delhi: Despite such growth and improvement in reducing child stunting, India is still with around 46.6 million stunted children and is home to over 30.9% of all the stunted children under the age of five which is highest in the world. Nearly 30% of the deaths of all global childhood deaths are attributed to […]

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Call for Forbidding Virginity Testing by United Nations Agencies

Gender discrimination by forcing virginity testing on women must end is a global call given by United Nations agencies.  The concept of a woman’s virginity has been brought to the fore due to cultural, social and religious influences though it does not find a place of importance in any medical or scientific references. The expectations […]

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