We (Newsblare) welcome you to our advertising program, if you are interested in any type of advertising on Newsblare then here are the ways we serve our clients:

Before going to discuss about our different advertising options we’d love to tell you the total estimated visits our blog on a monthly basis:






8,500+ Followers 1000+ Followers 2500+ Followers 1,00,000+ Monthly Viewers 10,500+ Subscribers

Website Traffic: 50,000+ Monthly Unique Pageviews (As per Google Analytics)

Estimated visits for magazine: 1.75 Lakh

We have a wide variety of modules for advertising on, here you go…


Small Banner

Large Banner

Featured Article

Full Page Interview

Full Page Cover

Sample Module:


We also offers our clients sponsored post article placement. If you would like to advertiser through sponsored post articles then here are three ways we deliver the same:

  • Brand Mention
  • Small Featured/Quote Article
  • Full-Featured Article

Note: As we are news agency we do not provide a permanent placement, however, your link will not be removed at least for one year.


For banner advertising, we have multiple ads format where we dedicatedly allow our clients to place their ads as long as they want through our flexible ads placement options. Here are the ads format we have available currently:
Header(For all Pages):
Banner- 970 * 250 (Desktop)
Banner- 980 * 120 (Desktop)
Banner- 930 * 180 (Desktop)
Banner- 640 * 300 (Desktop)

Footer(For all pages):
Banner- 970 * 250 (Desktop)
Banner- 980 * 120 (Desktop)
Banner- 930 * 180 (Desktop)
Banner- 640 * 300 (Desktop)

Sidebar(For all pages):
Banner- 300 * 250 (Mobile)
Banner- 300 * 600 (Mobile)
Banner- 300 * 1050 (Mobile)

Article Inline ad – We also provide article inline ad to our clients as per their prerequisites, to know more in details reach us at below mention address.

For a complete media kit or pricing details kindly visit us at [email protected].
Do you have any queries or want to talk to our advertorial team members? Kindly reach out to us at [email protected]
We would be happy to answer all of your questions.
Let’s grow your business together with our different advertising channels.