Best Countries in the World

Top 10 Best Countries in the World | Country Rankings

From the last few months, actually the whole year travel plans of many individuals are greatly impacted. But to fulfill your wanderlust,...
fourth wave of coronavirus more dangerous

Here is why fourth wave of coronavirus infection is more dangerous

In this time the coronavirus infection is spreading rapidly and it affects the young population more. Its symptoms are high fever, body...
Top Instagram Influencers in the world

The Most Famous Instagram Influencers in the World | Top Instagram Followers

We’re living in an age where almost anyone can become an influencer. All you need is a smartphone, a social account, and...
Best Motivational Speaker in India

10 Best Motivational Speaker in India | Top Motivational Speaker

We all have had or are going through a time in our lives where we feel lost. There are times when we...
coronavirus double mutant

Is the new strain of coronavirus double mutant in the country?

The case of coronavirus that is on the rise is the highest rate at this time. The new strain is at its peak as the...
Galaxshe women imposter syndrome

Imposter Syndrome among women is more common than you think

“Women need to get out of the imposter syndrome. They should not look down on networking. They need a club to champion them.”  This...
corporate sector affecting coronavirus

Corporate Sector Planning to Reopening is again Postponed

As the cases are again rising in worldwide. It affects the working area too. It postponed the plans of re-opening of offices...
coronavirus cases in India update

India becomes second-worst affected country after the United States

This is a frightening situation for India as each day coronavirus cases set a new record. India registered 1,68,912 cases in 24...
How to make yourself happy

How Can You Make Yourself Happy?

Today, we are blessed with everything but the one thing that we are missing is "happiness". Happiness is an essential element for...

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