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This Romantic Destination Just Became One Of The Few Places In World Where You Can’t Have Extramarital Sex

With its postcard-worthy beaches and exotic Hindu temples, it’s no surprise that Bali ranked as the fourth most popular global romantic destination of 2022 in Tripadvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awards. Last year, it was the number one global destination on Tripadvisor. This tropical Southeast Asian island is much smaller than the state of Delaware, so it’s […]

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Lean Manufacturing Practices In Food And Agriculture

It is no secret that the food and agriculture industries have been struggling in recent years. One of the biggest challenges these industries face is how to produce food and crops in a way that is both efficient and effective. However, there has been a shift in recent years toward a more holistic approach to […]

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Halichondrin B: The Potent Cancer-Fighting Super Drug From The Sea

In the late 1900’s, chemists discovered a compound in three different species of marine worm collected from a cold northern Pacific sea. The discovery resulted from the continuous search for promising medicinal compounds in natural sources! This compound, called halichondrin B, has proven to be one of the most remarkable discoveries from chemists to date. […]

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What Is Third-Party Bike Insurance? An Important Guide For You

Before you can drive your two-wheeler in India, you need to have a third-party insurance plan. This policy offers the most basic coverage that is necessary as per law and is mandatory for you to have. Without a 5-year third-party bike insurance for a new bike, you face a fine as well as the possibility […]

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Health & Wellness Healthcare & Fiscal Pharma & Healthcare Science & Technology

How Electromagnetic Radiation affects the health of the New-born Child

In today’s generation, the sheer quantum of advice and recommendation available online to a new parent is daunting. How much content can you consume and what all can you follow? However, there is one universal law which has existed for generations – a parent would go to any length to ensure the safety and well-being […]

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Food & Drinks

Top 6 French Wines That Should Be On Your List

The wines of France are world-renowned for their similarities and differences. From regional (and often vintage) distinctions to the winemaking process, French wines leave a rich concoction that gets anyone’s palate tingling deliciously. If you’re someone who enjoys wine but isn’t sure where to start, use this article as a resource to pour over 6 […]

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Integrated Townships – Shelters Amid Urban Chaos

The demand for residential property in cities like Pune, where the option is available, is now being captured by township properties. More and more homebuyers will settle for nothing less than the autonomy, independence, and convenience of a home in integrated townships.  Everything within easy reach became all the more important after the Covid-19 pandemic, […]

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10 Most Well-Liked Jewelry Trends for the Year 2022

When it comes to this year’s jewellery trends, there is a little something for everyone—from delicate pearls to edgy chain-link necklaces, and everything in between. The runways for spring fashion shows were filled with daring and stunning accessories, the most eye-catching of which were massive chains and brightly colored statement pieces. Continue reading to learn […]

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The Most Beautiful Ways to Explore Authentic Arabia in Kuwait

The Arabic world is one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in the world. People across the globe are beginning to discover the warmth of their hospitality, the delicious flavors of their cuisine, and their fascinating cultural history. Dubai and Qatar are fashioning out their chunk of the tourism market with enormous skyscrapers and flashy malls. […]

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How Green Crackers Are Actually Green?

At Diwali, the lantern festival celebrating light, many Indians are prepared to use eco-friendly fireworks, like green crackers with less pollution. Indian regulators banned the manufacture and sale of crackers with toxic elements like barium nitrate years ago, favoring the use of green alternatives instead. This environmentally-friendly cracker is also more costly than traditional crackers. […]

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