Top Reasons to Buy a Car from an Established Auto Dealership

reasons to buy a car from established dealership

If you are planning to change your ride anytime soon, you have come to the right place, as we offer some compelling reasons to buy car from an established dealership. 

Top reasons to buy a car from Established Dealership

These are the top compelling reasons on why to buy a car from an established auto dealership:

#1. Comprehensive warranty (parts & labour)

One of the best reasons to buy a car from an established dealership is comprehensive warranty. The average car comprises of around 30,000 separate components and let’s face it, things can and do go wrong, which is one of the reasons a comprehensive warranty is required.

The vehicle manufacturer issues the warranty and the dealership implements repairs/service work, keeping all data on their cloud. One such dealership offers quality cars for sale in Port Macquarie from an established dealership that looks after its customers.

#2. Reap the many perks

It might be 12 months of comprehensive auto insurance, promotional gifts such as jackets and umbrellas, or it might be all of the above; of course, there is a lot of competition in the auto industry, so manufacturers offer a lot of perks to attract motorists. Aside from the perks, you also have a good warranty, providing you have the vehicle serviced by an approved dealership.

#3. Peace of mind

When a car arrives at a dealership, new or used, it is thoroughly inspected by a team of technicians before it is allowed on the sales forecourt. They have a reputation to protect, which has taken many years to earn and nothing is overlooked when it comes to prepping a sold vehicle.

#4. Trade in

Regardless of the make, model or condition, you will get a better price from a dealership when you buy one of their cars. Avoid the hassle of trying to sell your old car and let the dealership do what they will with it. An old car would likely be sold to a car breaker for a few dollars, which is probably the best solution; if still in good condition, a trade-in car would be reconditioned and resold.

#5. Free service

free car services
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Most dealerships offer the first few services as complimentary, and their technicians are all manufacturer-approved and certified mechanics. If buying a new car, it is very important to have a full service history, as this will help you get the best price when you decide to sell. The dealership keeps a complete digital record of the vehicle’s life and you should see stamps in the rear section of the owner’s manual, as evidence of the work carried out. This record should stay with the car for its entire life. Click here for tyre information to help you choose the best shoes for your car.

#6. Choose from a wide range of options

The great thing about ordering a new car is you can choose from a huge range of options and add-ons; sunroof, tinted windows, power unit options, not to mention the interior, with leather upholstery always on offer. You can browse through their catalogue of leathers and fabrics and take your pick. 

#7. Professional advice

Investing in a new car is a big step and if you’re unsure as to what make or model is best for you, the dealership staff have you covered. They know the specs inside out and will help you identify your needs and preferences, while they can answer any questions you might have on any aspect of a vehicle.

#8. Demo models

What do think happens to a car that has been used as a customer demo? Around 3 months is the typical term for a demo car, which has been looked after better than if you or anyone else owned it; this car has to look good and perform 100% all of the time, so it is serviced more often than recommended to ensure complete reliability. These demo cars are sold at a good discount, so when talking to dealerships, always ask about demo cars; it could save you as much as 20%.

#9. Reliability & excellent service

The dealership will have loan cars for customer service, so you can still handle your usual daily program. This is one of the most attractive aspects of buying from a top dealership, everything is taken care of and service with a smile is the norm. You can book a service via their website; most large dealerships have a mobile app that enables you to book service and call for roadside recovery.

#10. Better resale value

better resale value
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One of the top reasons to buy a car from an established dealership is the better resale value in case if you wish to sale your car in the future.

Let’s say you keep the car for 2 years, then decide to upgrade; the car will fetch top market price, as it has a full service history, while the car would be in excellent condition. If you are trading up, you will get a very generous amount off the price when your new set of wheels is one of theirs.

#11. Special insurances

The rep should inform you of the special insurances that are available; power unit, gearbox and other major components can have extra cover. Of course, every dealership has their own promotions and deals with major insurers.

#12. Test drive

If you’re not sure which car is right for you, book a test drive in one model, then do the same with another, which will help you compare. Some drivers test drive 4-5 cars before they make their move and that is how to make an informed decision.

#13. Comprehensive support

When you become a customer at a top-rated dealership, you are under their umbrella, so to speak. They have 24/7 vehicle recovery, windshield replacement and roadside repairs; let’s say your model is recalled to have some minor components replaced, the dealership would provide you with a substitute until the work is done. They can find you very cheap auto insurance and have working relationships with all the major insurers.

Final Verdicts

As you can see, there are many beneficial reasons to buy a car from a successful dealership, where you will find the best service and support, they even register the car on your behalf.

Prior to looking at new cars, calculate a monthly budget and stick to cars in that price range and with a full warranty and all the perks, you can enjoy trouble-free motoring.

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