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Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows You Should Binge-Watch

Netflix TV Show

Netflix TV Show is one of the most famous thing everybody wants nowadays. Netflix is one of the few that produces a myriad of films and TV series for all tastes, from comics, comedies and action films to historical dramas, fantasy and detective stories. And if you do not know what to do with yourself in your free time, then watch at least a couple of Netflix’s TV shows from the list, you will surely be interested in something.

1. LUCIFER – Netflix TV Show

Despite the fact that Netflix TV Show Lucifer was originally filmed by the Fox film company, which after several seasons announced that it would stop filming, the army of fans and fans of this film rebelled so much that Netflix, seizing the moment, decided to return the series to the streaming platform.


Based on the character created by Neil Gaiman for the Sandman comic series, Tom Ellis plays Lucifer, the handsome and seductive Lord of Hell who has found a home in the sleazy glamor of Los Angeles.

But one day something went wrong and the life of Lucifer Dennitsa once again went downhill. He not only learned the value of friendship and made a couple of good acquaintances in the person of a psychologist and a detective, but also managed to make enemies for himself who wanted to “slap” him on the spot.

But what can I say, it was not without love, which turned the head of the Fallen Angel. Having partially lost his sanity, charm and strength, Lucifer seriously thought about what is really happening to him … This is what the viewer will have to find out together with him for five seasons.


One of the best Netflix TV Show, The Crown is also reportedly one of the most expensive television series ever made.

The glossy and lavish drama by Peter Morgan (The Queen and Frost vs. Nixon) aims to show the life and times of Queen Elizabeth II over several seasons, from her youth to old age.

The Crown

In the first two seasons, Claire Foy and Matt Smith starred as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, while Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies took the same key roles in the third and fourth seasons as the characters age and change over time.

The series in the truest sense of the word can boast of the luxury of interiors, the high cost of costumes and accessories, and, of course, the acting of the actors, which, having gotten used to the role as much as possible, let through everything that happens according to the script on the set.

Not without diminishing and exaggerating historical events, but the author’s liberty did not in the least affect the plot itself and the series as a whole, making it one of the most demanded for viewing.


Superheroes tend to be lonely, so it’s fun to see them in a family setting. But life with people who wear raincoats and save lives every two minutes will never be easy. We are talking about none other than Netflix TV Show The Umbrella Academy.

Ellen Page and Mary J. Blige star in this fantasy series, set in an alternate universe, adapted from comics written by My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way. Ellen plays Vanya, one of seven children adopted by the billionaire. Unlike her siblings, they were all born on the same day to mothers who did not know they were pregnant.

The Umbrella Academy

But as it turned out, Vanya has no superpowers. She can only watch as her estranged brothers and sisters get back together to try to unravel the mystery of their adoptive father’s death. Oh yes, in addition to finding the culprit, the “kids” dream of saving the world, in fact, this is what they are doing throughout the series.

4. OZARK – Netflix TV Show

Many have compared it to Breaking Bad, and while the Ozarks are very different in many ways, it’s hard to disagree that the dark atmosphere and the theme of a family under siege under very unusual circumstances certainly bear some resemblance. … However, the most obvious reason for the comparison is that, like Breaking Bad, The Ozark is a very, very good drama that will be talked about for many years to come.

Ozark Season 4

The story revolves around Marty Beard (Jason Bateman) and his wife Wendy (Laura Linney), daughter Charlotte (Sophia Hublitz), and son John (Skylar Gertner), who are forced to flee Chicago to the Ozark Lakes in Missouri after Marty’s surgery Money laundering for narcotics gangs is going awry and their lives are in imminent danger.

But things get even more complicated once they start all over again in the Ozark, because not only are they instantly caught up in a strange and violent world that they don’t understand, but they quickly learn that problems have a habit of catching up with those who try their best. This was one of the best Netflix TV Show in 2020.

The main feature of the series is the bluish-gray color scheme, which creates a mysterious atmosphere throughout the series.


Not too many years ago, Charlie Brooker wrote TV reviews for The Guardian in a style that every young entertainment journalist has desperately tried to imitate, with varying degrees of success. But now he is a TV writer and showrunner who is just as influential in creating TV content as he was when he watched it.

Black Mirror

Netflix TV Show Black Mirror is without doubt his most compelling and famous work to date – a dark and often frightening vision of how technology can change our lives, and often not for the better. And you dare to look into the eyes of the truth without censorship and tinsel?


In the days when Netflix was desperate to prove to the world that their original dramas were worth watching, they needed a series to follow the success of House of Cards and keep the momentum going.

The impetus for the next breakthrough was the popular TV series “Orange is the hit of the season.” This gripping drama takes place in a women’s prison, where the main character is Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), who was imprisoned for fifteen months for narcotics.

As her world began to fall apart, she must adapt to prison life and get to know her inmates … Of course, this is not the first drama about women behind bars, but Orange Is the New Black is unique in its production values, the quality of strong, funny, racially diverse a cast whose performance has taken over audiences throughout all seasons.


In recent years, Netflix has begun to build its reputation as a creator of dramatic content and one of the most prolific creators in the world, with many of its most popular TV series also focusing on stories inspired by real events.

The Incredible is a gripping eight-part drama starring Toni Collette, Merritt Wever and Caitlyn Dever that explores a series of police mistakes and misunderstandings that allowed a serial rapist to go undetected in the United States.


This is one of the most talked about new Netflix releases of 2019, and is sometimes very difficult to watch due to the incredible believability and realism happening on the screen. Written, directed, and dramatic by a fantastic cast, this show is a tense show, keeping all eight episodes tense.

The miniseries is based on a 2015 news article, The Incredible Rape Story, by T. Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong.

8. THE LAST KINGDOM – Netflix TV Show

You may remember seeing the first couple of Netflix TV Show The Last Kingdom, which is based on the Saxon Tales by creator Sharp Bernard Cornwell, on the BBC.

The Last Kingdom

But starting with the third season, the series moved to Netflix. The series takes place in the 9th century AD and tells the story of the harsh hero Utred, the son of Utred, a Saxon boy who is being raised by the Danes. Of course, this leads to a split in loyalty, and Uhtred is ultimately accused of killing his adoptive father, forcing him to flee to another kingdom.


One of the BBC’s biggest dramatic hits in the last decade, Stephen Knight’s Peaky Blinders is so popular that it even has its own festival in Birmingham where fans can come, dress up, meet up with actors and listen to bands. playing songs from the show’s soundtrack.

Peaky Blinders

This crime epic with Cillian Murphy in the title role and an amazing cast in the truest sense of the word won the hearts of viewers all over the world.

And despite the fact that the series originally belonged to the BBC, after it was sold to the Netflix platform, now the latter can rightfully call it their own, currently Peaky Blinders is one of the best Netflix TV Show.


The seventh episode of the franchise introduces us to a completely new set of characters, boldly going where no man has gone before on the American ship “Discovery”.

Star Trek: Discovery

Jason Isaacs plays Captain Gabriel Lorca, who tries to balance his personal problems with his responsibilities to the team. This series is actually a prequel, so the action takes place ten years before the original Star Trek series, in which William Shatner was Captain Kirk and Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock.

The United Federation of Planets has been at war with the Klingon houses for most of the first season. But what will happen next – the viewer will have to find out while watching the next season.

So, These Are The Top 10 Netflix TV Show Which You Must Binge-Watch According To Us. Tell Us Which Is Your Favorite And Why Is That So?

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