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Top 10 Condom Brands in the World: Thinnest, Lubricated, Latex…

Best Condom Brands for safe sex

The global revenue of the condom market is growing at exponential rate sex education programs help to prevent STD(Sexual Transmitted Diseases), STI(Sexual Transmitted Infections) and for better family planning. In countries like the US, it has innovative marketing strategies by leading condom brands that have helped to push demand for this product. So here is the list of top 10 condom brands in the world which helps to choose the better quality of the product on the basis of their popularity, demand and revenue collection.

Top Condom Brands in the World

These are the top 10 condom brands in the world:


Durex Condom – top condom brands

This is the Uk based company is the first brand to develop and use electronic testing for its condoms and also releasing the first anatomically shaped condoms. Durex is also famous for manufactures lubricants and rings. The specially designed to prevent premature birth problems. In 2002, Durex made a major social impact by supporting the gender equity program in brazil named ‘program h’ such projects have been later followed up in countries like India as well.

2. Trojan condoms

trojan condoms - top condom brands

Trojan is the best selling condom brand in the US. It is manufactured by the Church and Dwight company. It is also a leading brand in the female condom segment. It reduces the risk of STDs and STIs and pregnancies. This condom designed from a woman‘s perspective which has high sales in the US and Canada. Trojan also manufactures lubricants and vibrators. There are more than 30 condoms varieties offered by Trojan.

3. Lifestyles skyn condoms

Lifestyles skyn condoms – top condom brands

Lifestyle Skyn Condoms is known for its comfort and natural feeling. It provides to the users it’s Non-Latex material that makes the brand highly popular among the sensitive condom users. It is a global leader in the sexual wellness sector comprising of personal lubricants, condoms, and related products. This is the first condoms to be made from polyisoprene. Jissbon, Blowtex, Unimil, and Manix are some of the other highly innovative non-latex condom brands from this company.

4. Astroglide Lubes

Astroglide Lubes

This condom brand has been consistently among the top condom brands for the last few years. It is a California based company. This company makes a water-based, Petroleum free condom and Lubes. The company manufactures personal lubricants as well as desensitizing sprays. This brand product is moisturizing, long-lasting and, are known to provide better satisfaction.

5. Kimono Microthin Condoms

Kimono Microthin Condoms

Kimono microthin condoms are known to be 38% thinner than traditional or other condoms. This brand is known for manufacturing condoms using advanced latex engineering FDA and ISO specs. It has made it to the list of top global condom brands. They manufactured by using premium natural latex state of art Japanese technology. Kimono condoms are vegan and paraben-free.

6. Lifestyle Skyn Condoms

Lifestyles skyn condoms

Lifestyle skyn condoms are known for the comfort and natural feeling provides to their users. It is a non-latex material that makes this brand highly popular among sensitive condom users. This is one of the first condoms to be made from polyisoprene.

This brand is a global leader in the sexual wellness sector. It manufactures condoms and other sex-related products. Jissbon, Blowtex, Unimil, Manix are some highly innovative non-latex condom brands from this company.

7. Trustex Condoms

Trustex Condoms

This is a California based company is a strong advocate of safe sex using phthalate free latex barriers. Trustex ribbed and studded condoms are the newest entrants in the area of textured condoms. Rain lubricants and Lixx are the other popular brands from line one labs.

8. Crown Condoms

Crown Condoms

This is the top condom brand from Okamoto is Crown Condoms. It specially designed for highly sensitive users. Crown Condoms is known for its thinness. Like the other condoms manufactured by Okamoto, a crown also makes use of Japanese technology to design products that have minimal latex odor.


9. One Pleasure Dome Condoms

One Pleasure Dome Condoms

The one pleasure dome condoms are known for their comfortable fit, premium silicone lubricant, and reservoir tip.

10. Cupid Female Condoms

Female Condoms Trends For Leading Condom Brands

Industry experts at technavio predict the female condoms segment to be a major game-changer in the coming years. The market for female condoms is a promising domain as unlike contraceptive pills, it does not have any side effects, condoms do not hinder the natural hormone system of females.

Final Verdicts

This is the list of top 10 condom brands. It may help you to choose a better condom for you and your partner, unsafe sex, unwanted pregnancies and other kinds of sexual infections that can be reduced with the help of condoms. It provides you good sex and helps to enjoy better during sex.


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