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Free tarot card reading

Customers look to free tarot card reading for a variety of distinctive services. It’s crucial to establish a solid connection and enduring friendship. The best websites for free tarot card reading stand out for being open and honest about their services and client expectations. They frequently offer warranties, possibilities for refund, or free readings. Reputable websites rigorously vet their readers and list each one’s credentials in their bio.

What is Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot reading success depends on the reader’s ability to decipher the cards, believe in their intuition, and offer unique insights. Tarot card readings that are accurate help us reflect on our journey of self-discovery and raise our awareness of the circumstance at hand. With the aid of psychic tarot cards, a reader can communicate with you and offer perceptions into your past, present, or future. The cards represent numerous life events, persons, and deeds during a reading. When using tarot, the reader’s advice suggesting helps you make decisions that will help you achieve the outcomes you want for the future.

Types of Tarot Reading

There are various types of free tarot card reading available, each focusing on different aspects and areas of life. These include:

  • Past Life Reading: Exploring past lives and their influence on the present.
  • Future Reading: Gaining insights into future events and potential outcomes.
  • Career Path Reading: Providing guidance and clarity regarding career choices and professional development.
  • Love Tarot Reading: Offering insights into romantic relationships, compatibility, and love life.
  • Astrological Readings and Zodiac Signs: Using astrology to provide guidance and predictions based on the positions of celestial bodies and zodiac signs.
  • Soulmate Readings: Helping to identify and understand soul connections and relationships.
  • Divination: Using tarot cards for general divination purposes, seeking guidance and answers to specific questions.
  • Mediumship: Connecting with spirits and departed loved ones to deliver messages and provide closure.
  • Palmistry: Analysing the lines, shapes, and patterns on the palms to reveal information about an individual’s life and personality.
  • Energy/Aura Healing: Assessing and balancing the energy field and aura for emotional and physical well-being.
  • Soul Purpose Reading: Exploring one’s life purpose, passions, and personal fulfilment.
  • Dream Analysis: Interpreting the symbolism and messages within dreams to gain insights into one’s subconscious mind.
  • Oracle/Angel Cards: Using decks of oracle or angel cards to offer guidance, inspiration, and intuitive insights.

These different types of tarot readings cater to various aspects of life, providing guidance, clarity, and spiritual support to individuals seeking answers and direction.

List of Best 10 Free Tarot Card Reading Online

Here, we have listed the best free tarot card reading online for you. Continue reading to know about the top 10 free tarot card reading websites and platforms.

1. Kasamba

Top 10 Free Tarot Card Reading Online 1. Kasamba
  • A well-known free tarot card reading website with a solid reputation for top-notch support is Kasamba.
  • Over 2 million people are currently served by the website, demonstrating how popular it is as an online resource.
  • With professional readers adept at deciphering card messages, Kasamba gives tarot readings using either angel cards or conventional cartomancy.
  • Kasamba streamlines the selection process by making it simple to choose a suitable reader.
  • With 20 years of knowledge and tarot masters on staff, Kasamba has been offering internet readings.
  • Users have plenty of time to study and select the best reader thanks to Kasamba’s pricing plan’s introductory rate of 3 free minutes for each advisor.
  • Kasamba stands out for its broad range of topics, including a variety of occult subjects, supernatural pursuits, clairvoyance, and mediumship.
  • The website’s search capabilities are constrained, and compared to other websites, the network of advisors is considerably smaller.

2. AskNow

Top 10 Free Tarot Card Reading Online 2. AskNow
  • There are 47 tarot card readers on AskNow, 44 of them focus primarily on love readings.
  • Only phone and chat psychic readings are available as means of communication on AskNow, a free tarot card reading site.
  • While AskNow does include tarot readings, many people believe that their emphasis on astrology is the finest aspect of their service.
  • Through their AskNow account, users can also send psychics direct messages.
  • AskNow has amassed a large number of favourable reviews throughout the course of its 15 years in business.
  • Readings can be scheduled in advance.
  • For individuals looking for spiritual direction, AskNow is a respectable free tarot card reading service, although there is often a small pool of readers to choose from.
  • The majority of readers exclusively offer phone readings, and instant chat access is frequently scarce.

3. Keen

Top 10 Free Tarot Card Reading Online 3. Keen
  • Keen is a very well-liked free tarot card reading network with tens of thousands of readers available. 
  • For those who desire quick responses without having to schedule an appointment, this is handy.
  • Since its founding 20 years ago, Keen Psychics has provided online tarot card readings by phone and chat.
  • The free tarot card reading customer service staff and tarot card specialists are both commended for their professionalism.
  • Keen offers a wide variety of readers who use a variety of strategies, such as 3-card spreads and diverse decks.
  • They provide readings that are open, uncomplicated, and remarkably accurate for important life decisions like dating and job decisions.
  • Keen Psychics offers a far wider variety of over 1700 psychic readers than other online tarot reading websites.
  • The cost varies according on the chosen psychic, but Keen gives a money-back guarantee and an introductory rate of 3 free minutes or 10 minutes for $1.99.

4. Psychic Source

Top 10 Free Tarot Card Reading Online 4. Psychic Source
  • Psychic Source, a free tarot card reading site, is unique in the free tarot card reading industry because it has been in business for more than thirty years.
  • One of the main factors influencing customers to choose Psychic Source’s services is the company’s satisfaction guarantee policy.
  • For first-time visitors, Psychic Source offers a thorough introduction to tarot readings that includes articles and videos that describe the procedure, the key arcana, and their interpretations.
  • Many of their psychics also have a second area of expertise in angel cards, which can provide more context and explanation to the tarot messages.
  • Prices range from 10 minutes for $10 to 20 minutes for $15 to 30 minutes for $19.80, with an additional 3 minutes included in any of these bundles.
  • The psychics at Psychic Source have a stellar reputation for being trustworthy and talented.
  • All psychics in the network have undergone screening, giving clients who pick their services peace of mind.
  • A satisfaction guarantee is provided by Psychic Source to further boost client confidence.

5. BitWine

Top 10 Free Tarot Card Reading Online 5. BitWine
  • BitWine encourages open contact between clients and tarot readers by providing alternatives for phone, chat, and video.
  • The cost varies according to the reader selected and ranges from $0.50 to $10 per minute.
  • Users can thoroughly search through reader profiles on BitWine’s free tarot card reading and open marketplace in order to determine which tarot card readers are reliable.
  • To give consumers an opportunity to get a feel for the reader’s style before committing, certain tarot readers on BitWine may offer bargains like a 3-card tarot spread or a free first five minutes of the reading.
  • There is a free initial conversation option available on the platform.
  • BitWine maintains transparency by never editing or deleting user comments.
  • It is important to keep in mind that BitWine may share user information with its associated websites.
  • The platform’s website has a retro look and feel that brings to mind the 1990s.

6. MysticSense

6. MysticSense
  • Paid or free tarot card reading from MysticSense are tailored to your requirements, circumstance, and personal preferences.
  • MysticSense readings range in price from $1 to $5 per minute, making it neither the cheapest nor the most expensive choice on the market.
  • The platform offers numerous reading options, including chat, phone, and video.
  • One noteworthy aspect of MysticSense is that there is no minimum session length requirement, allowing users to have sessions of any length they choose.
  • Five minutes of free reading are provided to new users as a welcome gift.
  • MysticSense is known for its ethical and reliable business practises and principles.
  • The platform provides a wide range of reading tools and styles, giving consumers many possibilities.
  • For consumers looking for mobile accessibility, the lack of a MysticSense smartphone app may be a disadvantage.

7. Purple Garden

7. Purple Garden
  • Paid or free tarot card reading at Purple Garden are quick and simple to reach.
  • Purple Garden offers flexibility for varied budgets by charging $0.99 to $14.99 per minute for tarot readings.
  • The app lets customers select their preferred means of contact by offering tarot readings via chat, phone, and video.
  • Both iPhone and Android users can visit Purple Garden, which offers ease and accessibility.
  • The site is made to offer quick and simple solutions to queries regarding relationships, finances, careers, and other important parts of life.
  • It gives consumers a variety of ways to get in touch with tarot readers so they may select the one that works best for them.
  • Users can browse in-depth profiles of tarot readers on Purple Garden to find out more about their training, qualifications, and areas of expertise.
  • It’s important to keep in mind, too, that the app could have bugs that affect how users interact with it.

8. PsychicCenter

8. PsychicCenter
  • One of the top free tarot card reading sites, Psychic Centre is dedicated to offering superior customer service.
  • Each psychic sets their own pricing on Psychic Centre, which ranges from $2 per minute to $10.99 per minute for readings.
  • Most users find it convenient to pay because the platform accepts all of the major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), PayPal, pre-paid debit cards, and gift cards.
  • Readings are accessible by phone and live chat.
  • Although there are only a few reading categories, each advisor’s biography highlights their particular areas of specialty, which may include numerology, angel readings, astrology, and more.
  • Advisors frequently go above and beyond the services offered on the website and include their specialised knowledge into readings.
  • For further perks, Psychic Centre provides a membership rewards programme and unique birthday promo codes.
  • It’s important to keep in mind, too, that Psychic Centre has fewer reading categories than some other platforms.

9. Oranum

9. Oranum
  • Users at Oranum can choose a free tarot card reading expert who satisfies their particular demands from among a big and diversified set of readers.
  • When they sign up, new users are given $9.99 in free credits, giving them plenty of time to explore the platform and its offerings.
  • Oranum differentiates out as a video-only psychic streaming service that provides a distinctive and interesting experience.
  • Users can observe each psychic’s live streaming channel to get a taste of their skills and style on the website, which offers a huge range of more than 200 readers.
  • Oranum offers voice calls, emails, and video conversations in addition to those other services, but the video calls stand out.
  • Before purchasing a reading, the platform offers a free live chat with a psychic, allowing for an introductory exchange.
  • Users can focus their search on particular criteria by using Oranum’s extensive selection of specialties and filters.
  • Users on the platform have a wide selection of possibilities to pick from thanks to the availability of hundreds of psychics.

10. California Psychics

10. California Psychics
  • Tarot readings are a specialty of California Psychics, especially for difficult life circumstances like crossroads or relationship problems.
  • To accommodate a wide range of preferences, the free tarot card reading provides a large selection of reading genres.
  • Readings are offered over the phone and online chat.
  • Depending on the degree of the psychic, tarot readings on California Psychics cost anywhere from $1 and $15 per minute.
  • Karma Rewards, a rewards programme offered by California Psychics, improves the entire customer experience.
  • The reader profiles on the platform give users accurate insight into the reader’s personality, skills, and reading style so they can decide whether they are a good match.
  • Users can get the services on the go using California Psychics’ practical smartphone app.
  • However, the platform’s initial offer can be perplexing for certain consumers, necessitating close attention to comprehend the price scheme.


Tarot card readings provide insights into our past, present, and future, making them an invaluable tool for self-discovery. The clients can establish long-lasting relationships with readers who meet their demands thanks to a reliable and open platform. Tarot readers communicate with people through symbolizing life events, people, and activities to assist clients in making wise decisions along their journey. Hopefully, this article of top 10 free tarot card reading platforms is helpful for you!

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