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Apple iPhones Dominate Global Smartphone Sales with 7 out of the Top 10 Spots

Apple global smartphone sales

As of 2023, Apple iPhones has dominated global smartphone sales, with seven out of the top ten selling smartphones being iPhones. In a report published last month, Apple has beaten Samsung to become the world’s top smartphone maker for the first time.

Seven iPhones and three Samsung phones are among the top ten most popular smartphones, according to Canalys.

World’s top 10 selling smartphones

iPhone 14 Pro Max34 million
iPhone 15 Pro Max33 million
iPhone 1429 million
iPhone 14 Pro29 million
iPhone 1323 million
Galaxy A14 4G21 million
iPhone 15 Pro21 million
Galaxy A54 5G20 million
Galaxy A14 5G19 million
iPhone 1517 million
Source: Canalys

Apple iPhones dominate global smartphone sales

With 34 million and 33 million units sold, Apple’s most premium smartphones, the iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro Max, have dominated the global top selling smartphones list.

Other iPhones launched in 2023, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15, rank seventh and tenth respectively, with sales of 21 million and 17 million units, respectively. The iPhone 15 Plus is missing from the list.

With 23 million units sold, the iPhone 13 takes the fifth spot on the list as the oldest iPhone with sales of 23 million units.

Samsung’s mid-range series outperforms its flagships

A Samsung mid-range series has outperformed its mid-range smartphones, unlike Apple’s. A 4G smartphone is included in the top selling smartphones list of the Korean smartphone maker, which includes three smartphones from its Galaxy A series. Samsung’s Galaxy S series phones did not appear on the list.

In 2023, Samsung sold 21 million Galaxy A14 4G smartphones, which were the most popular smartphones on the list. In addition, it is the most affordable smartphone on the list. Samsung also sells 20 million Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy A54 5G and the Galaxy A14 5G.

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