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How to Improve Battery Life of Your Phone

Improve battery life of your phone

We’re all aware that the batteries in our phones aren’t the best. We use them frequently, but they don’t last as long as we’d want. However, there are several things you can do to extend the life of your phone’s battery. Following suggestions will not only help your device’s battery live longer, but will also help it last longer in general. When you hear the words “battery life,” you might think of your phone dying, but it isn’t only because your battery is dead. There are a few basic actions you can do to extend the battery life of your phone and keep it functioning for hours. Take a look at the following ideas.

Turn Off Location Services

Using your phone’s location features is both entertaining and practical. It can also be quite battery-depleting. When you enable location services, it consumes more power than is necessary and lowers the amount of time your device is charged. If you don’t need GPS or pinpointing precision for anything vital, you should disable this capability while it’s not in use.

Reduce Screen Brightness 

This is a little tweak that will have a significant impact on your battery life. The more energy your screen uses, the brighter it is. Even a little reduction in brightness might help you conserve battery life. When feasible, choose dark mode. It is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but it can also help you preserve battery life. 

Close Background Apps

Even after you’ve dismissed an app, it may continue to operate in the background. Without your knowledge, your phone’s battery is being depleted. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh to check which apps are running in the background. You can opt to close any open apps from this point.

Close Notifications

If your phone gets alerts, each time you receive one, your battery will be depleted. Go to Settings > Notification Center to prevent this from occurring. Make sure that “Show in Notification Center” is turned off for any unnecessary apps and features on your smartphone from here. Turning off your phone’s notifications when you set it down is always a smart idea, so don’t forget to do so. 

Turn Of Background App Refresh

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You may select which applications are permitted to update when you are not using them through “Wi-Fi” or “Cellular Data” from this menu. You might prefer an app like Facebook to update itself over a less important app like Spotify (a music streaming app). The most critical apps should be at the head of the list, while the applications that require less attention should be towards the bottom. 

Turn Off Vibrations And Ringtones

When you don’t need or want to utilise either of these options, turn them off. The vibrations alone use a lot of energy, therefore it’s preferable to avoid them altogether if at all possible. Some people benefit from haptic input (vibrations), yet it can be distracting in public places. It can save a lot of battery life when it is turned off. 

Use Airplane Mode

If you want to save battery life, use airplane mode to save power while still enabling calls and texts to come through without worrying about running out of power before the end of the day. This option won’t prevent serious harm if you leave your phone uncharged overnight, and it’s a quick fix until we come up with something better.

Turn Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth

Turn down Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if you’re not using them to preserve battery life. You don’t usually need them all of the time. Turn them off when they’re not in use to preserve battery life. 

Set A Longer Auto-Lock Time

Increase the amount of time your smartphone is locked before shutting down into sleep mode to save the largest amount of battery life throughout the day, even if you fail to manually lock it after each usage or set an auto-lock time interval. Keeping it around 30 seconds is the best choice for preserving battery life.

Turn On Power Saving Mode

This is a mode on your phone that restricts or disables some functionalities in order to save battery life. Most phones should have many options, however a Samsung phone running Android 10 will provide four. Optimized maintains a balance between performance and battery life, while High performance utilises more power by increasing screen brightness and resolution. By restricting data consumption and lowering brightness, resolution, and CPU speed, you can increase battery life with medium power saving. When you turn on Maximum battery saving, your smartphone will be stripped down to just the programmes and services you need.

Watch Your Network Data

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Your battery will last longer if you utilize less data. Limiting what you can and cannot do with your network is vital if you’re on a limited plan or just want to save money. Turn off voice roaming if it’s not needed, and turn off background applications that download data in the background while they’re not being used (like Facebook).


To summarise, there are a variety of techniques to extend the battery life of your phone. Moreover, the ones mentioned above are the greatest and most beneficial.

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