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Do You Want To Extend Your Mobile’s Life? Here are some ways…

improve your mobile phones battery life

In today’s world, mobile phones have become necessary for all of you.

Mobiles have now become the most important thing. Even children use to play games, young people use to call and message each other and others use for social media, chat, etc.

Mobile phone plays the main role during an pandemic

During the pandemic period, mobile phones play an important role in everyone’s life like school children use for their online classes, office goers for meetings and office calls, we call relatives and friends, Speaks through video calls, etc. as it is in the time of the pandemic. It is difficult to go to any place, we only have to stay in the houses.

But as the mobile phone is now necessary for everyone, so everyone wants that his mobile phone life is long.

But here we have made some mistakes which shorten the life of Smartphone!

Do not use local/unauthorized chargers

The smartphone is the need of everyone and it is the reality of everyone’s life.

But keeping your smartphone battery in optimum shape is the most important of all.

Therefore, to increase your mobile phones battery performance and avoid draining then do not use local/unauthorized chargers.

Always use your own charger

Always use your own mobile phone charger that you purchased at the time of purchase.

Authorized chargers are usually specifically made for special phones, they are usually designed for the specific voltage of the phone. Local chargers are rarely accurate and it damages your smartphone.

Even local chargers damage your mobile jack.

Do not reach below 20% of your battery level

When the mobile battery is less than 20% then it is better to charge your phone.

Even when the battery comes in a 20% plug, allow it to charge and do not charge it.

Do not let your battery level turn red and power off and never 0%.

It is better to use the power-saving mode

By the way, every phone has the option of power-saving mode, either your phone is Android or iOS.

So it is better to use your power-saving mode, it saves your battery and gives your phone a longer life.

Even turning off background applications and limiting your activity on mobile will give your mobile a longer life.

Do not always enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

By the way, it is better to disable the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi of your smartphone.

Blue tooth and wifi are a huge drain for your battery.

Do not install more applications

By the way, it is better to avoid so many apps on your mobile phone.

And even install or delete additional applications that are not in use. This saves your battery life and the functioning of your mobile smoothly.

Your mobile phones usually start to hang due to more applications in your phone.

Therefore it is better to avoid additional applications.

Avoid using slow chargers

Avoid using slow chargers for your phone as it takes more time to charge. Now fast chargers are available in the market. And it is better to avoid charging your phone at night as it drain your battery’s life and make it performance week.

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