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10 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2022

Increase Instagram Engagement

How to Increase Instagram Engagement? The most effective way to increase and maintain an Instagram following is through Instagram engagement.

Instagram marketing has enabled businesses to reach huge audiences and grow their businesses.

By 2022, this platform will have 140 million users in the United States alone, so there’s no better time than now to make your mark.

I have no objection to the fact that you are searching for ways to increase your Instagram followers since you have come so far.

We’ll discuss ten proven tips to increase Instagram Engagement to help you grow your following.

In return, these ten tips will serve your marketing needs.

1. Enter the world of targeted marketing

Imagine you are determined to get more Instagram followers. There is a good chance that you will come across some Instagram promotion services that promise to increase your Instagram following. Many people are tempted by these inconsistent Instagram marketing mills.

There are some who fall into subscribing to their kind of service. Even if you have a lot of Instagram followers, those followers are not the ones that contribute to your business’ growth. Therefore, they are useless when it comes to your business growth.

Promoting to the right audience is a better approach. You can easily engage and win a following that is already interested in your Instagram handle. You can convert them quickly.

2. Identify a brand-new hashtag and promote its use

Hashtags are among the best tools for gaining visibility on social media. Instagram is another platform that favors their use. Think about hashtags next time you are looking for ways to increase the reach of your posts.

Trending hashtags can help you gain more exposure. Creating your hashtags and encouraging your audience to use them could be a better way to utilize this opportunity. Your Instagram hashtags might go viral if they are relevant and interesting, so you get more followers and exposure.

3. Use Instagram Stories to your advantage

One of the underused features many brands choose for their growth is Instagram stories. Their potential for growth is great. Did you know that there are about 400 million people using Instagram stories?

Rather than endlessly scrolling through their Instagram feeds, many people prefer how-to Instagram stories. Learning how to leverage the Instagram story to your advantage is the best way to capture the attention of such people.

4. Become familiar with the interests of your audience

“Content is king,” is a famous phrase in content marketing. This makes me want to always produce better content that my audience will enjoy and interact with. In order to achieve success with Instagram promotion, you should serve your audience’s interests by offering great content.

You may have trouble understanding what your audience is interested in. You can barely place engagements with just a few followers on your Instagram marketing radar. See what your competitors are doing and follow them.

Putting up their kind of content is the best way to follow in their footsteps. Your chances of growing are better if you are creative. You can examine the posts that perform better or openly ask your audience what they want to see from you if you already have an audience. Your Instagram content can be improved by using the audience interest you gain from Instagram.

5. Work as a team

If you are still small, you will feel like a big fish in a small pond compared to others who do well in your industry. Your fan base gives them any real growth. Outsourcing such people does not mean you think outside the box.

Getting them on your Instagram marketing radar can drastically increase your growth quickly, regardless of whether they see it as collaboration or just helping out a startup. Your determination is sometimes enough to get the big fish in your field to collaborate with you. Sometimes, you need to convince the big fish to consider collaborating.

You might also consider collaborating with others within your niche who have similar follower counts. By doing this, you’ll be able to grow both of your Instagram followers at the same time.

6. Learn how to edit visually

Instagram is more of a visual platform. In contrast to other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, your audience may be more concerned with the value you are offering rather than the quality of your content.

Instagram prioritizes value, too. It is inexcusable to have poor quality visuals. A high level of creativity, quality, and professionalism in your visuals is a key to your success. By taking some courses and practicing, you can develop your abilities in visual capturing and editing. Inbuilt Instagram Editor and Canva allow you to fake it until you make it, so you don’t have to become an expert.

7. Be of service to your audience

You will gain an edge in any type of marketing if you learn a bit about human psychology, and combining that with a sense of humor is even better. Consider becoming a little bit controversial the next time you are looking for an Instagram content idea.

Instead of being too serious, consider being simple, funny, and approachable with your Instagram handle. It would be great if you could come up with a contest and give away some inexpensive prizes. Your Instagram engagement metrics will improve if people engage with your content more.

We’ve also discussed how to use Instagram stories earlier. Content of this type generates the most engagement and exposure. This type of content is already available from several marketers. It is a great idea to share your content in order to promote your handle since it can please your audience.

8. Establish a posting schedule

Here’s one of the cool Instagram tips for growing your business on Instagram. It is possible that even with a well-optimized profile and an Instagram strategy in place, you aren’t seeing the desired result and seeking to encourage followers.

You might not be experiencing explosive growth, but that doesn’t mean you won’t eventually. You will get more exposure if you know when your audience is most active.

By analyzing the performance of your best posts, determine that time and schedule your posts accordingly. When it comes to consistency, having your Instagram posts scheduled by using post-scheduling tools goes a long way. You’ll dramatically increase the possibility of organic growth by doing this.

9. Include a call to action

Audiences tend to share, like, and comment on interesting content. Most of the time, this must be the case. It is sometimes necessary, however, to work hard. Even when they are delighted to see your content, not everyone remembers engaging with it or sharing it.

You can overcome that problem by asking your audience to like, comment, and share openly. Adding CTAs to your posts helps to remind them as frequently as possible.

10. Choose the right emojis

When it comes to Instagram tips, it is last but not least. It’s good to have this one too. Emojis have consequences. In addition to the ones on your keyboard, Instagram has its own.

Some can even represent unending text characters similar to images, and they are used for expressions. Furthermore, Emoji help simplify your content’s appearance as well as beautify it. Nevertheless, some Emojis are niche-specific. It may not be necessary for your content to include them.

Additionally, you should avoid overusing emojis, as that may affect the appearance of your content. Presenting content in a clumsy way can negatively affect your audience’s experience.


Consider including all the tips above when creating an Instagram marketing strategy to increase your followers. You can use all of these tips at the same time to increase your Instagram engagement.

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