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Top 10 International Companies Driving the Indian Economy

top international companies in India

International companies operate worldwide and are also known as global enterprises. We are going to talk about the top multinational companies that run the Indian economy. High turnover, multiple assets, and aggressive marketing are some of the characteristics of these multinational companies. Here is a list of these top international companies, in which the foreign shareholding is more than 50% and management control is vested in the foreign company.


Microsoft is one of the top international companies that helps India in its development. The company has reported over $1 billion in revenue in India in the last financial year. Microsoft jumped 8% in net profit to 386 rupees crore during this period. Microsoft has a 13% growth in revenue for rupees 7301 crores. The company’s growth primarily includes Azure, its cloud business, and 365 offices in the Indian economy.


Apple is now examining the possibility of shifting nearly a fifth of its production capacity from China to India and scaling up its local manufacturing revenues through its contract manufacturers to around $40 billion over the next five years. I phone maker could become India’s largest exporter.

Apple produces up to $40 billion worth of smartphones mostly for exports through its contract manufacturers Wistron and Foxconn. Apple sells phones worth some $1.5 billion in India.

3. LTI

Larsen and Turbo Infotech LTI. This IT company showing positive growth for the Indian economy. The total growth of LTI 29.3% YoY, Revenue at Rs. 94,458 million. The company sees a huge potential for going forward.

The most important thing about LTI is to hire curious people. They grow in each sector. In the past three years, we have grown in double digits and will continue to be a leader in quadrant growth FY20.


The Indian economy is likely to sustain the rebound in 7.2% to 7.5% in FY 2018-2019. It is contributing a 7.2% growth in the Indian economy in FY 2019.


The Coca-Cola system in India directly employs over 25000 people including those on the contract the system has created indirect employment for more than 1,50000 people in related industries through its vast procurement.

Coca-Cola contributes to rupees 10,943 crores in the next five years.

The company procures and exports raw materials and ingredients worth rupees 1802 crores.

In the 130 billion Juices market coca-cola has a 31.4 %, market share with parle agro having a 22.5% share and Pepsico 17.4 %. Coca-cola has also been listed in the list of top international companies that have a huge contribution to the Indian economic growth.

6. TCS

India’s IT and ITES industry grew to USD 181 billion in 2018-2019. India is the largest exporter of IT services in the world and exports dominate the Indian IT industry and constitute about 79 % of the total revenue of the industry.

India’s IT industry contributed 7.7 % to the country ‘s GDP in 2016-2017. It is expected to contribute 10% of India’s GDP by 2025. According to NASSCOM, the aggregated revenue of the sector stood at USD 160 billion in 2017. The united states account for two-thirds of India’s IT services exports.


Accenture can help India’s GDP to grow by $101 billion by 2020.

Globally India’s is ranked fourth after China, the US $365 billion, and Japan $114 billion on this front.

Accenture can add $101 billion to India’s GDP by 2020.

8. IBM

IBM is the most successful MNCs in India. It is India’s second-largest employer behind TCS. IBM is expertise with the science of analytical to enable leading minimum government and projects that India’s economy is expected to grow by about 9% over the next year.

The IBM business analytics and strategy practice integrate management consulting expertise with the science of analytics to enable leading organizations to succeed.

India’s inherent advantages position for strong economic growth by embracing economic ecosystems, India’s influence in the global economy can grow.


India stood at fourth position with its contribution of 4 % in terms of individual market share.

The report said Asia pacific continued to dominate high net worth individual population and wealth.

And it is on target to surpass USD 40 trillion in HNWI wealth by 2025.

Analysts said the IT services major has remained focused on talent contribution from India and elevated some leaders such as Aruna Jayanthi Srinivas Kandula and others to senior positions globally.


Last but not least, Adidas is one of the top international companies in the sportswear segments that contributes over 10 % to its revenue to Indian economic growth.

Adidas has become the first sportswear brand in India to cross the rupees 1000 crores revenue mark.

The contribution will be 20% by 2020.


These companies have a huge contribution to Indian economic development. But there is a reason that these companies are maintaining themselves in India, this is because India derives many benefits from MNC, such as high level of investment, reduction in the technical gap, optimum utilization of natural resources, and basic to promote economic structure. Due to India’s growing economy, globalization, and its potential in the market, many multinational companies are coming to India to grow their business. Above is the list of such similar top international companies in India.

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