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What major projects are running in Ayodhya and time of completion of each?

major projects in Ayodhya

How Ayodhya Came to Be: (All about the major projects in Ayodhya)

Once upon a time, the revered city of Ayodhya—rich in mythology, history, and spirituality—lay in the center of Uttar Pradesh. A fresh chapter of growth, advancement, and a bright future begins as the sun sets over the Saryu River, bathing the ancient city in a golden tint. Ayodhya is currently at the nexus of modernity and tradition, with several large-scale initiatives planned to restore the city’s natural environment. Come with me as we take a tour of the important projects influencing Ayodhya’s future. Let’s delve into the major projects in Ayodhya in detail.

Total Money Allotted for the Development of Ayodhya

The following is the entire amount of funding allotted to Ayodhya for its development:

  • A budget of Rs 133 crore has been set aside to improve amenities and services for the large number of pilgrims and visitors that come to Ayodhya. The funding will be phased out for the construction of restrooms, informational kiosks, and effective pedestrian traffic control at the temple town’s religious locations. By December 2025, the state hopes to have all projects finished.
  • In addition, Rs 300 crore has been set up for the development of the Ayodhya Dham access road and the building of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple. Furthermore, a proposal of Rs 100 crore has been put out for the improvement and attractiveness of Ayodhya’s tourism amenities.
  • Additionally, a Rs 30 crore infrastructure development grant is suggested for Ayodhya.

To sum up, the entire amount of funds allotted for the development of Ayodhya comes to about Rs 563 crore. It is crucial to remember that these numbers are predicated on data that was accessible as of 2023 and might have changed subsequently.

Top Major Projects in Ayodhya

1. Ayodhya International Airport

Ayodhya International Airport - major projects in Ayodhya

This airport is a shining example of connectivity, poised to raise the accessibility of the city to international levels. The airport is officially going to be name as “Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram International Airport.” There is a development of runaway of 2245 meter long. This state-of-the-art facility is expect to be complete by 2023 and cost INR 2500 crores. The airport is expect to enhance economic activity and enable religious travel, making Ayodhya a worldwide attraction.

2. Ayodhya Ring Road

Ayodhya Ring Road - major projects in Ayodhya

This 91-kilometer section of road is design to improve connectivity and reduce traffic in the city. It is projected that the project, which has a budget of INR 1200 crores, will be completed by 2024. When it’s operational, it will simplify traffic, encouraging growth in the outskirts of Ayodhya and offering a smooth connection to nearby areas. It is one of the major projects in Ayodhya.

3. Saryu River Front Project

Saryu River Front Project - major projects in Ayodhya

Ayodhya’s dedication to protecting its natural heritage is demonstrate by the Saryu River Front Project. The project, which has been allocate INR 350 crores, aims to revive the riverside by adding gardens, promenades, and recreational areas. A magnificent shoreline that complements the city’s diverse cultural landscape is anticipate by 2023.

4. Ayodhya Varanasi Highway

Ayodhya Varanasi Highway - major projects in Ayodhya

This 134-kilometer highway is expect to improve access between two of Uttar Pradesh’s most treasured cultural sites. With funding of INR 1800 crores, the roadway is expect to be finish by 2025. In addition to making travel easier, the road’s winding through beautiful scenery creates opportunities for trade and business. It is one of the major projects in Ayodhya

5. Ayodhya Station Redevelopment

Ayodhya Station Redevelopment - major projects in Ayodhya

At a cost of INR 500 crores, Ayodhya’s railway station is getting a radical makeover. The goal of the 2023 renovation project is to improve the passenger experience by adding contemporary amenities and tasteful architecture. This reinvented transportation centre is ready to greet guests with all the warmth and grandeur that is appropriate given Ayodhya’s cultural importance.

6. Ayodhya Bus Station

Bus Station

With a budget of INR 150 crores, the Ayodhya Bus Station is undergoing renovations to accommodate the increasing number of pilgrims and tourists. With improve services and a modernize facility, the project is expect to be complet in 2023 and provide smooth travel experiences for everyone. In the wake of development, Ayodhya’s tale is reveal as buses come and go.

7. Ram Janki Marg

Ram Janki Marg

The Ram Janki Marg is a 22-kilometer stretch of Nepali territory that links Ayodhya with Janakpur and represents pilgrimage routes and cultural links. With 600 crores of rupees in funding, the project should be finish by 2024. This corridor strengthens the historical ties between the two countries while also encouraging religious tourism. It is one of the major projects in Ayodhya

8. Ayodhya Stadium Renovation

Stadium Renovation

With an investment of INR 200 crores, Ayodhya Stadium, a centre for sporting events, is getting a makeover. With completion expected in 2023, the makeover promises top-notch amenities for sports enthusiasts and players. The revitalized stadium in Ayodhya is more than just a field; it’s a playground of dreams and camaraderie.

9. Ayodhya Water Metro

Water Metro

The Ayodhya Water Metro aims to create a state-of-the-art and effective water transportation system alongside the Saryu River, at a budget of INR 300 crores. This project, whose completion is slate for 2024, would relieve traffic congestion while providing a picturesque and environmentally responsible means of transit for locals and tourists to explore the city’s waterways.

10. Ram Mandir Ayodhya

Ram Mandir

The Shri Ram Mandir, the city’s crown treasure, is a towering representation of devotion and architectural magnificence. Donations from followers all over the world are flooding in, and the temple is developing quickly. When the sanctum sanctorum is finish in 2025, it will serve as a spiritual hub that pilgrims from all around the world can visit. It is one of the major projects in Ayodhya

List of all major projects in Ayodhya: completed and ongoing projects of Ayodhya

Ayodhya Development Authority has successfully completed a range of significant projects aimed at enhancing public amenities and infrastructure in the city. Noteworthy completed projects include:

  • Development of public amenities, facilities, and parking at Tedhi Bazar Crossing on the west side.
  • Construction of public amenities and a two-floor parking facility in the Guest House Plot of District Panchayat, located near Tedhi Bazar on the east side.
  • Beautification of Surya Kund to provide enhanced facilities for pilgrims.
  • Development of Samda Lake, showcasing a commitment to comprehensive development.

Other completed projects involve the restoration of Surya Temple at Surya Kund, Ayodhya, and the construction of Thirty Eight Numbers Mini MIG Houses under the Chief Minister Scheme. Additionally, capacity upgrades of Trishundi Refinery in Amethi and the establishment of sewage treatment plants in various locations contribute to the overall development of the region.

Infrastructure projects play a crucial role in improving connectivity and accessibility. Completed initiatives such as the Jagdishpur-Faizabad section of NH-330A, the Khutar-Lakhimpur section of NH-730, and the widening of Gosain Ki Bazar Bypass-Varanasi (NH-233) showcase a commitment to robust transportation networks. Rail line projects, road developments, and the establishment of medical colleges demonstrate a holistic approach to city development.

Ongoing projects by the Ayodhya Development Authority include:

  • Development of public amenities, facilities, and parking at Kaushlesh Kunj MLCP.
  • In-situ lake rejuvenation for eight lakes, emphasizing environmental sustainability.
  • Construction of public amenities at Panchkoshi Parikrama Marg, contributing to enhanced pilgrim experiences.

The Master Plan 2031 (Phase 2) is a comprehensive blueprint for the city’s future development. Designed by the Ayodhya Development Authority, this thoughtful document outlines current infrastructure and population details. It guides the implementation of proposed plans for tourism, water supply, industry, residences, and commerce. The master plan seeks balanced growth while preserving the cultural heritage of Ayodhya.

For those planning a visit, Ayodhya offers a variety of accommodation options with major projects in Ayodhya:

  • Sarayu Hotels and Resorts
  • Ramprastha Hotel
  • Kuber Hotel
  • Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Ayodhya
  • Hotel Saket
  • Vasundhara Inn
  • Motel Ramprastha
  • Shri Krishna Guest House
  • Hotel Gauri Shankar Residency
  • Sita Hotel

Conclusion: Major Projects in Ayodhya

In summary, Ayodhya’s development environment is active, with a range of projects aiming at improving the city’s infrastructure, attracting tourists, and fostering regional growth generally. These projects may take different amounts of time to complete, so it’s critical to stay current with information from dependable sources.

It is expect that these projects will have a substantial impact on Ayodhya’s cultural, economic, and social fabric as the city transforms. As these projects move forward and the community is affect, it will be possible to gain important insights about Ayodhya’s future as it embraces its cultural and historical significance.

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