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3 Most Profitable Value Stocks Investors Should Buy in 2024

Most profitable value stocks

Welcome to our new post! In this article, we will have a look at most profitable value stocks investors should buy in 2024.

Several analysts expect that optimism in the stock market which is being seen over the last few weeks 2023 will continue. This optimism was due to anticipations that the US Federal Reserve might have brought inflation under control and, hence, battle has been won. However, latest inflation data somehow didn’t agree with these expectations. 

But what are experts saying? How interest rates will impact the movement of stock market?

A renowned name in the investing community, Jeremy Siegel, specifically mentioned in the program that he expects ~15% rise in most profitable value stocks in the year 2024. He anticipates that increased interest rate environment might limit the growth potential of growth stocks in 2024. 

He expects that short-term interest rates might decline in 2024. That being said, there will not be a strong fall in long-term interest rates. 

Amidst uncertainty, are the any chances of recession? What’s expert opinion? Given that early 2023 was dominated by the news related to recession, are fears of recession completely over?

Well, the experts are now quite optimistic regarding the stock market in 2024. 

They expect that chances of soft landing remain high. Even if the economy sees a downturn, there will be very mild recession or zero GDP growth in 2Q24 and 3Q24. Even if there will be a recession, overall economy should be able to rebound and deliver healthy growth. 

With this in mind, we will now have a look at most profitable value stocks investors should buy in 2024!

1. Consol Energy Inc.

The company is a producer and exporter of high-BTU bituminous thermal coal. It operates long-wall mining operations and exports terminals on Eastern seaboard.

It has released financial and operating results for the period to September 30, 2023, with GAAP net income coming at $100.7 million and GAAP dilutive EPS reaching $3.11. Total revenue and other income reached $569.9 million and net cash provided by operating activities came in at $162.7 million. 

Free cash flow of the company was $120.4 million and it saw debt repayments of $29.9 million, which includes $24.1 million to fully retire second lien notes. 

The company sold 6.1 million tons of PAMC coal during 3Q23, resulting in realized coal revenues of $431.1 million for PAMC segment and average realized coal revenue per ton sold of $70.34. This was compared to 5.3 million tons sold, resulting in realized coal revenue of $384.3 million and average realized coal revenue per ton sold reaching $72.83 in the year-ago period. 

Improvement in realized coal revenue was seen mainly because of higher sales tonnage during 3Q as a result of availability of 5th longwall this year, that provided increased productive capacity and additional flexibility in comparison to prior-year period. 

For full FY23, the company is targeting PAMC coal sales volume of 25.5-26.5 million tons and it has PAMC average realized coal revenue per ton sold expectation of between $76.00 – $80.00. 

The company, which is based in Puerto Rico, is the financial holding company which has 4 main subsidiaries. 

It has announced net income of $136.6 million in 3Q23, which includes an after-tax goodwill impairment charge in the US-based equipment leasing subsidiary of $16.4 million in comparison to net income of $151.2 million in 2Q23. Net interest income of the company came in at $534.0 million, exhibiting a rise of $2.4 million in comparison to 2Q23. 

Net interest margin of the company was ~3.07% in 3Q23 as compared to 3.14% in 2Q23 and net interest margin on the taxable equivalent basis was 3.24% in 3Q23 against 3.29% in 2Q23. 

Non-performing loans held-in-portfolio saw a decline by $24.0 million from 2Q23 and NPLs to loans ratio was 1.1% against 1.2% in 2Q23. Ending deposit balances fell by $667.2 million, with average quarterly balances rising by $1.4 billion from 2Q23. 

Positive results stemmed from increased revenues and reduced operating expenses, which excludes non-cash goodwill impairment. This was partially offset by increased provision for loan losses. The company increased its loan portfolio by $1 billion, that led to a rise in net interest income despite increased deposit costs. 

Increased interest income from the investment securities, trading and money market investments by $27.4 million was mainly because of increased volume of the US Treasury bills. This was partially offset by reduced volume of money market investments. 

First Republic Investment Management Inc. bought a new position in the company during 2Q for the consideration of ~$202,000. Analysts at Citigroup initiated the coverage on the company’s shares on Friday, 1st December. They gave a “buy” rating and the $86.00 price objective on the company’s stock. 

CWM LLC increased its stake in the company’s shares by ~51.5% in 2Q. It now owns ~606 shares of the bank’s stock worth $37,000 post buying an additional ~206 shares. 

3. Blue Owl Capital Inc.

Blue Owl Capital Inc. carries out its operations as an asset manager.

It saw 3Q net investment income of $0.49 per share, exhibiting 3rd consecutive quarter of record NII for the company and the board declared a 3Q supplemental dividend of $0.08 per share. 

For 4Q23, the company raised its quarterly dividend by $0.02 to $0.35 per share. It delivered NII ROE of 12.7% in 3Q, up from ~10.2% in the prior year. 

For 3 months ended September 30, 2023, the company’s new investment commitments totalled $500.2 million throughout 7 new portfolio companies and 6 present portfolio companies. This compares to $183.0 million for 3 months ended June 30, 2023 throughout 5 new portfolio companies along with 6 current portfolio companies.


Above are some of the most profitable value stocks investors should buy in 2024 as uncertainty still prevails. While listing out the stocks, we paid close attention to the companies’ P/E ratios and their positive revenue growth rates. Apart from this, net incomes of these companies were also considered. 

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