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Stocks which Warren Buffett bought and sold recently

stocks Warren Buffett bought and sold

Warren Buffett has been categorised as one of the most successful investors, with net worth standing at ~$120 billion as at November 21, 2023, as per Forbes’ real-time billionaires list. Legendary investors is one of the certain individuals on the Forbes’ list who made fortune only by investing in share market. However, he did not become master of the game overnight. He has a family background associated to the stock market and some say that his inheritance from his father, who was the US Congressman and later became broker, supported him in building his wealth. Strong family background provided Buffett an opportunity to get funds in the initial stages of his career. However, he made his wealth by sticking to value investing principles which were promoted by Benjamin Graham school of investing. The retail and institutional investors continue to track the stocks which Warren Buffett bought and sold. 

Every year the Oracle of Omaha reiterates the same basic principles related to investing to Berkshire Hathaway’s shareholders. Investment philosophy of Mr. Buffett is simple: Invest in those businesses that will keep growing and own a stake in them and then hold it forever. Talking about the performance of Berkshire Hathaway, the company’s annual gain between 1965 through 2022 was compounded at ~19.8% in comparison to S&P 500’s increase of ~9.9% in same period. S&P 500 saw the gains of ~24,708% between 1965 and 2022 and Berkshire Hathaway saw the gains of ~3,787,464% in the same period. As a result of this, stocks which Warren Buffett bought and sold hold significant importance. 

Here is the list of some stocks:

1. General Motors Company

General Motors Company is an American multinational automotive manufacturing company which has its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, United States.

While announcing its third-quarter results, the company reported revenue of $44.1 billion, net income attributable to stockholders of $3.1 billion, while EBIT-adjusted came in at $3.6 billion. The company remained profitable throughout regions, which includes China. However, GM International, excluding China, seems to be on track to deliver significantly increased EBIT-adjusted in 2023 in comparison to a year ago. It has been reported that United Auto Workers’ deal with the company, Ford Motor Company, and Stellantis N.V. cleared its last requirement since it was approved by last batch of union workers.

Mr. Warren Buffett has completely sold his stake in the company. 

2. Atlanta Braves Holdings, Inc.

The company owns and operates league baseball club apart from operating league baseball club’s stadium and mixed-use real estate development project.

It has released its 3Q results, and saw total revenue growing by ~11% to $272 million, with Baseball revenue going up by ~11% to $256 million and mixed-use development revenue rising 10% to $16 million. 

Baseball event and retail and licensing revenue saw an increase mainly due to higher ticket demand and attendance at the regular season. Broadcasting revenue grew as a result of contractual rate increases. Other revenue saw a fall because of fewer concerts at ballpark in comparison to prior year period. Operating income and Adjusted OIBDA saw an increase in 3Q. Revenue growth was more than offset by higher baseball operating costs as a result of higher player salaries and minor league team and player expenses.

The company’s cash decreased $24 million in 3Q as a result of cash being used in operations mainly because of seasonal working capital changes and capital expenditures, partially mitigated by release of restricted cash as a result of various financial debt arrangements and net borrowing.

Warren Buffett currently has stake worth ~$7,990,835 at the end of 3Q. 

3. Sirius XM Holdings Inc.

The company carries out operations through 2 different businesses: SiriusXM and Pandora. SiriusXM enables transmitting music, talk shows, sports, etc. through its 2 satellite radio networks, primarily to consumers in vehicles decide for subscription fee.

It has released its financial results for the quarter ended September 2023 (3Q23), in which it saw revenues of $2.27 billion and net income of $363 million, exhibiting a rise of 47% year-over-year. It saw FCF coming at $291 million in 3Q23 in comparison to $329 million in the prior-year period. This fall in the FCF was mainly because of higher satellite and non-satellite capital expenditures. 

Results of the company include flat year-over-year subscriber and advertising revenue, continued strong and healthy margins, and record quarterly adjusted EBITDA. During 3Q, it returned $165 million to the stockholders, which includes $93 million in the form of dividends and $72 million of share repurchases. 

For FY23, the company expects total revenue of ~$9 billion and adjusted EBITDA of ~$2.75 billion. Its FCF is expected to be ~1.15 billion. 

By the end of 3Q, Warren Buffett has his stakes worth $43,768,172. 

4. Globe Life Inc.

Globe Life Inc is an insurance holding company, which is engaged in providing variety of life and supplemental health insurance products and annuities to its customers. 

Net income of the company as an ROE came in at 22.6% for 9 months ended September 30, 2023. Net operating income as an ROE (which excludes accumulated other comprehensive income (AOCI)) was ~14.7% for the same period.

Net investment income of the company saw an increase of ~8% over the year-ago quarter. And at the Family Heritage Division, health net sales saw an increase of ~15% and premiums grew ~8% over the year-ago quarter. Additionally, average producing agent count went up by ~7% over the year-ago quarter.

Warren Buffett had $90,356,152 in the shares of the company at the end of 3Q. He has sold his ~66% stake in 3Q.


While above are some of the stocks which Warren Buffett bought and sold, there are several other shares in which the Oracle of Omaha has taken up or reduced positions. He is a huge fan of going ahead with few but optimal decisions rather than extremely diversifying and making several decisions.

To check stocks which Warren Buffett bought and sold recently, we checked Warren Buffett’s 3Q portfolio and chose the stocks in which he has increased and reduced stakes. 

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