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Where to invest $1000 right now? Top Stocks to Buy Now!

where to invest $1000 right now

With 2023 year reaching its conclusion, there continues to be growing consensus that expected recession, which was once a topic of concern, is now being avoided. As per Goldman Sachs’ 2024 outlook report, there should be modest growth in the US economy in the next year and the financial giant does not see the onset of recession. This has been supported by the fact that stocks continue to maintain strength in a rally coming from advent of AI and strong consumer spending. Therefore, if you think where to invest $1000 right now (i.e., by year end), be sure that this is the right time. 

Collectively, the above factors are contributing to strong 3Q performances for a range of companies. One strong example is NVIDIA Corporation. The company’s stock has seen the rally of ~ 234% year-to-date as a result of artificial intelligence wave. It has seen another strong quarterly revenue, crushing the expectations of Wall Street analysts and touching an impressive ~$18 billion, which is more than triple the figure than that in the previous year. 

Are you still wondering “Where to invest $1000 right now?” Well, the global equity markets continue to end November with positive momentum, which hints to the noteworthy recovery after some volatile months. Sustained resurgence in the market should be attributed to a range of factors, which includes the pause in interest rate increases since July and better-than-anticipated numbers from inflation and job reports. Therefore, the US GDP exhibited strong growth of ~4.9% in 3Q23.

With this in mind, let us now help our readers and advise them where to invest $1000 right now!

1. The Kraft Heinz Company

Kraft has merged with Heinz and resulted in creation of third- largest F&B manufacturer in North America after PepsiCo and Nestle and 5th largest player globally. 

In 3Q23, the company’s net sales saw an increase of ~1.0% and organic net sales went up by 1.7%. Gross profit margin saw an increase of ~568 basis points to 34.0% and adjusted gross profit margin increased by ~396 basis points to 34.0%. While net income of the company saw a decline of ~41.7%, the adjusted EBITDA went up by 11.9%. 

The company’s 3Q results supported by net sales growth throughout each of its 3 core pillars: Foodservice, Emerging Markets, and U.S. Retail Grow Platforms. 

At the same time, it is focusing on improving productivity throughout value chain, and reinvesting its gross efficiencies back in marketing, technology, and R&D. These investments formed key part of strategy as the company builds business for continued success.

The company laid out numerous action plans at beginning of the year to support market share and improvement in volume and it saw improvement across quarter as the company executed these plans. Stronger balance sheet, and advancements it made in business provide conviction behind strategy. 

Organic net sales of the company went up by ~1.7% in comparison to prior-year period. Price saw an increase of ~7.1% in comparison to prior year period. The company saw increases in both reportable segments which were mainly because of list price increases taken to offset the impact of higher input costs.

For FY23, the company expects organic net sales rise of 4% to 6% versus the previous year,  and this remains closer to lower end of range at ~4%.

2. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

The company is supplier of IT infrastructure products as well as services. The company operates as 6 segments. While releasing its fiscal 2023 full-year financial results, it saw revenue of $29.1 billion, up 2% and 5.5% in constant currency in comparison to prior-year.

GAAP of the company was at ~35.1%, up 170 basis points as compared to prior-year period. Cash flow from operations was at $4.4 billion, exhibiting a fall of $165 million from prior-year period

The company saw FCF of $2.2 billion, exhibiting a decline $444 million from the prior-year period. In FY23, it demonstrated that strategic investments and extraordinary innovation throughout growth areas of Edge, Hybrid Cloud, and AI are creating demand with customers. 

It delivered strong performance against financial metrics in FY23. Steady execution led to higher revenue, which resulted in further margin expansion, higher operating profit, and strong non-GAAP diluted net EPS and free cash flow. 

3. Coupang, Inc.

Coupang, Inc. is a prominent e-commerce company which has its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. The company provides range of ecommerce services, such as same-day and next-morning delivery of groceries together with general merchandise, and delivery of prepared foods with the help of coupang eats and video streaming through Coupang Play.

In 3Q23, the company saw net revenues of $6.2 billion, exhibiting a rise of 21% year-over-year on reported basis and 18% year-over-year on an FX-neutral basis. Gross profit of the company went up by ~27% year-over-year to $1.6 billion.

Revenue and active customers growth ramped up for 3rd consecutive quarter. Developing Offerings generated more than ~40% revenue growth in 3Q. Over past 12 months, the company saw a record $991 million in adjusted EBITDA, improving margins by ~490 basis points. It expanded profitability it continues to make investments in Developing Offerings. It expects its consolidated margin to continue March upwards on annual basis. Product Commerce segment saw net revenues of $6.0 billion, reflecting a rise of 21% year-over-year on reported basis and ~18% on FX-neutral basis.

Eagle Bay Advisors LLC bought new position in shares of the company during 2Q worth $26,000. Altshuler Shaham Ltd purchased new position during 4Q worth $36,000.

Analysts at Bank of America covered the shares of the company on 10th August. They raised the price objective on shares of the company from $19.00 to $22.00.


With this, our readers should now know where to invest $1000 right now so as to take the benefits of overall stock market movement and current economic data points. 

If investors include stocks which are trading below $50 in a particular investment portfolio, it can be beneficial strategy because of their affordability. Even though the prices are lower, some of such stocks exhibit strong upside potential.

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