10 Educational YouTube Channels to Subscribe For Learning

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The use of educational YouTube channels in both classrooms and at home has many benefits for students and teachers. Learning through video has been proven to be a transformative way of learning, resulting in flipped classroom models that allow students to digest content at their own pace as well as diving deeper into the content during class time. Here is a shortlist of the benefits that teachers and students can enjoy from using YouTube:

Traditional lecture methods are also insufficient to inspire and engage students as YouTube videos do.

In instances when complex or technical topics are being studied, educational YouTube channels can assist in mastery learning.

Students can also think and solve problems through YouTube education

Research on a wide range of topics can be done by watching educational YouTube channels

1. Vox

Vox is a news media site but the Vox channel on YouTube goes far beyond news headlines and current events. Video content created by Vox explores a wide variety of topics, including foreign policy, culture, forgotten history, and pop culture. The majority of these series also take advantage of Vox’s status as one of the top news media sites to connect with world-class experts on the topic. Vox also incorporates engaging animations and other visuals into many of the videos.

2. CrashCourse

There are a variety of topics covered in the Crash Course. Hank Green has gained recent popularity on Tik-Tok through his educational and fun videos. Their brother, John Green, is also well-known for writing young adult novels. The videos in Crash Course provide comprehensive information and compelling animations that help visual learners synthesize the material. You can also find many courses on the channel, which are helpful to review past course materials, provide detailed previews of upcoming classes, or act as guides for you as you learn the content.

3. TechnoBuffalo-Jon Rettinger 

YouTube educational channel TechnoBuffalo covers an array of topics related to electronics. In addition to presenting reviews of various electronic products, the site also demonstrates how each product works. Videos on the latest technology and gadgets are also available, as well as practical tutorials.

4. Veritasium

YouTube channel Veritasium offers content to help those interested in learning about complex issues in a digestible form. There is also a good deal of useful information offered by the channel to its subscribers with the help of their partnerships with big brands.

5. 5-Minute Crafts

This channel consists of short DIY videos lasting around five minutes each, exactly as the name implies.

They have several videos to help you fix, improve, or re-do something, but they focus on quick little hacks (perfect for those just getting into DIY).

6. It’s Okay To Be Smart

Similar to AsapSCIENCE, It’s Okay To Be Smart offers exploration of scientific concepts, usually by diving into more abstract ideas like What is impossible in evolution?. Joe Hanson, Ph.D. also draws the audience in with his comedic attitude and actual scientific principles. Students are also encouraged to be open-minded, investigate their questions, and make creative and abstract connections.

7. Stephen Robinson/Learn Cool Stuff

When you were in English class, did you remember that cool kid who could spin a pen around his thumb without blinking an eye? If you tune into Stephen Robinson to Learn Cool Stuff, you can be that guy. “How to Rip a Phonebook in Half,” “Balding Gracefully,” and “How to Ski for Free” are just some of Robinson’s videos. In just a few minutes, you’ll also be king of the castle thanks to the simple instructions.

8. PBS LearningMedia

The resources provided on this channel assist educators in maximizing digital learning. The PBS LearningMedia program also emphasizes content that contributes to student empowerment, cultural responsiveness, and social-emotional learning. PBS LearningMedia’s channel still hosts live webinars and discussions from the pandemic, such as their series providing educators with tools for anti-racist teaching.

9. Edutopia

A YouTube channel of Edutopia offers a variety of videos to support teachers’ professional development, and Edutopia is an online community for educators. With Edutopia’s videos, educators can also learn about best practices for teaching a variety of subjects and grade levels. These videos also showcase teachers, classrooms, and schools that have achieved success through unique pedagogical approaches. In addition to providing helpful content for teachers, Edutopia also addresses academic, financial, racial, and other disparities that students face.

10. Curiosity

Does new information excite you? In this app, you will receive a daily feed of tidbits of information about science, technology, geography, personal growth, and more.

During a post, each fact and piece of trivia presented in the form of text, an image, or a video (for visual learners). This also allows you to absorb the information within ten minutes.


Thousands of students and also teachers across the globe use YouTube as a valuable educational resource. Learning has become so easy with this system that most people don’t find it to be a tedious task as it once was. On top of that, there are also hundreds of free educational YouTube videos available to the general public. Any learning journey on YouTube can also be beneficial no matter what your interests are.

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