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Poor Eyesight in Children Has Increased Over the Past Decade, AIIMS Warns

Poor eyesight in children

As per reports from AIIMS, the problem of poor eyesight has increased in children over the past ten years. The problem of poor eyesight in children was only 13%-15% a decade ago but it has increased to 20%-25% in the past 10 years.

For example, out of 50 children, 15 – 20 have poor eyesight and need spectacles for watching.

According to Dr. Rohit Saxena from AIIMS in earlier times the requirement of spectacles for children was only 3 to 4% but now this number has increased with time in the past ten years!

Even not only the problem of poor eyesight has been detected but below the age of four the problem of myopia or vision defect is seen.

Reasons causing poor eyesight in children

  • The main reason for poor eyesight is using smartphones, tablets, or electronic gadgets for more time.
  • Children use smartphones for a long time and parents don’t interrupt them.
  • Using of electronic gadgets has increased after corona time due to online classes on laptops or mobile phones for a long time.
  • Due to parent’s negligence, children face poor eyesight issues.

Reports on Poor Eyesight in Children

According to the doctors, children need to maintain a proper distance while using mobile phones or laptops for healthy eyesight. Parents should be allowed to use laptops or computers for online classes instead of mobile phones.

As per Dr. Rohit Saxena from AIIMS, the problem of poor eyesight in children has increased rapidly in the past 30 years.

Countries like Eastern Asia, China, Singapore, and Hong Kong are on top in poor eyesight in children.

In eastern countries around 80%-90% of children are suffering from dim sight. In India, the problem of poor eyesight has also increased in the past few years.

Even the doctors thought earlier that the problem of poor eyesight may not affect the children from villages or rural areas as the problem was only 3%-4% but now in rural areas, the problem has also increased to 7%-8% and the problem arisen just because of using mobile phones.

The excessive use of electronic gadgets, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets may harm to children’s eyesight.

Important Tips for Parents

Parents need to be aware to teach their children to maintain proper distance from any electronic gadgets so their eyes are not harmed. 

Even sometimes a few symptoms may also be seen in children like they are not able to see on the blackboard, constantly rubbing their eyes, watery eyes, watching TV or mobile phone very closely. These are the symptoms of myopia. 

Parents should take their children to the doctor and have their eyes checked properly. If the children have some online work then parents should keep in mind the child should take a break at least for 5 mins in every 30 minutes.

The best ways to study in open areas like balconies and terraces may be good for their eyes and send your child to play in open areas too like park etc. 

The Balcony and Terrace are the best options to study in open areas and send your child to play in open areas as well as it is good for their health.

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