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Why Married Couples Often Share High Blood Pressure, Study Shows

Married couples high blood pressure

Nearly half of the US adult population has hypertension, a condition that can be a silent killer due to its lack of obvious symptoms. A recent study reveals the surprising link between being married couples and high blood pressure. Read on to learn more about why married couples may experience this health phenomenon and how to keep it in check.

The untreated high blood pressure can cause blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, or strokes. Keep an eye on your spouse’s blood pressure to determine your own risk.

Several American universities examined data from tens of thousands of heterosexual Married couples in China, India, the United States, and England between 2015 and 2019.

Female spouses with male spouses married couples with high blood pressure were more likely to have high blood pressure than spouses with male spouses without high blood pressure, according to the researchers. The results of this study found that England and the US were 9% more likely, China was 26% more likely, and India was 19% more likely.

Across countries, male spouses married to women with high blood pressure showed the same associations, though the likelihood of this scenario was slightly lower.

Taking control of high blood pressure with your spouse is suggested by the research Couples are encouraged to tag-team their wellness plans as a result of these findings.

as per reports, findings encourage married couples to seek healthcare guidance together.

Both spouses should work with the same doctor to develop a joint treatment plan that includes diet and exercise changes and keeping each accountable for visiting the doctor.

Li suggests that the researchers’ study design may have had limitations that affected their results

As Li points out, the researchers used only one blood-pressure screening per participant, whereas clinical guidelines recommend taking an average of three blood-pressure screenings one to four weeks apart for increased accuracy.

As the researchers studied only heterosexual couples, the results cannot be generalized.

Keeping your blood pressure in check with your partner

According to Li, couples should encourage each other to monitor their blood pressure with a blood pressure cuff, or even get them together.

A blood pressure machine at the supermarket or routine visits to your doctor are the only ways to find out,” says  Texas A&M University Family Care physician  dr.Jason McKnight.

You can reduce your blood pressure or help keep it within an optimal range if you or your spouse have been diagnosed with high blood pressure.

In order to lower blood pressure, a doctor may prescribe certain medications or suggest lifestyle changes such as increasing exercise or reducing sodium intake.

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