5 Beautiful Countries Hardest to Get Citizenship | World Travel

5 Beautiful Countries Hardest to Get Citizenship | World Travel

The world has now become an economic market. You will need skill and manpower to grow in this economic market. And due to the lack of skill and manpower, the powerful and developed countries of the world have also opened the doors of their country to other countries. But still there are so many countries that are not yet open to other countries. They do not want people from other countries to come there and they get citizenship.

So, let’s move to the top 5 beautiful countries of the world, which are not yet open to other countries or are the toughest to get citizenship in beautiful countries …

Top Countries Hardest to Get Citizenship

1. Vatican City

First of all, let’s move to Europe, there are many countries in Europe that are not yet open to the people of other countries. The first name in this list is ‘Vatican City’.

Vatican City hardest to get citizenship
Source: Pixabay.

The city is definitely ahead of the Vatican City, but it has already got country status. City-State Vatican City, surrounded by Rome, Italy, is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church.

Only 800 people live in this small country, only 450 of them have citizenship. If you are a Christian Orthodox then you can easily get the benefit of citizenship.

In addition, if you show that you are a Christian and serve in a church or you are a worker, you can get this citizenship.

2. Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein’s second name comes in this list. It is a very small country whose population is only 38000. Liechtenstein is a German-speaking language, which is a 25-km-long principality between Austria and Switzerland.

Source: Pixabay.

This is a very beautiful country. It is known for its medieval castles, alpine landscapes and villages connected to the trails.

Liechtenstein’s policies are very tiring. Maybe they do not want people from other countries to come there to live. Here you will have to wait 30 years to get citizenship. If you get married from any citizen of this country, you still have to wait for at least 5 years.

If you are under the age of 20, you can get some benefits, for example, if you are under 20 years old and have spent 2 years here, then it will be calculated as four years. Every year when you spend here, this will mean double.

After 10 years, one more thing will be voted here and people will be asked how your behavior is, and if they said that your behavior is good then you can get citizenship first. Otherwise, it is difficult to get citizenship in this 160 square meter country.

3. Austria

The third name of this list is “Austria”. Austria is a German-speaking country in Central Europe, characterized by mountainous villages, baroque architecture, Imperial history and rugged Alpine areas.

Austria hardest to get citizenship
Source: Pixabay.

Getting Austrian citizenship is almost impossible. First, if you are planning to stay in Austria more than 6 months then you will need permission to stay. And for the residence permit, you have to show a heavy bank balance account to the government.

And if you are thinking of staying in Austria more than 24 months then you have to sign an integration agreement. And you will have to learn their language “German” If it is not, then you will be sent back to your country. In Austria this program can be run for 15 to 30 years. After that, there may be some possibility that you can get citizenship.

4. Germany

After that number 4 comes to Germany. Germany is a Western European country, in which there is a landscape of forests, rivers, mountain ranges and northern beaches. It is more than 2 millenniums of history.

neuschwanstein castle Germany
Source: Pixabay.

If you do not belong to any European Union countries, then it will be difficult for Germany to get citizenship. In this process, 7-8 years will come easily and this is possible only when you are skilled manpower.

First of all, you must learn the German language and secondly, the German nation wants you to learn their culture, tradition, dressing style and political system. This is one of the hardest tasks in its own way.

You must also contribute to the German National Pension Scheme. After that, if you find them right you may have some opportunity for citizenship.

5. Bhutan

Let’s go Bhutan. Yes, Bhutan is also included in this list. Bhutan was a separate country in the past. Would you believe that Bhutan opened its country gate for tourists in 1974? This means that earlier in this country tourists were not allowed to go, only government officials were allowed to go to this country.

Tigers nest Bhutan
Source: Pixabay.

But since 1974, Bhutan has opened the door of its country to tourists too. So Bhutan’s GDP is very low. But Bhutan is not known for his GDP, while he is known for his pleasure index. Bhutanese people are more happy than people of other countries. Bhutan is on top of the list of Asia’s pleasure index.

If you want citizenship in Bhutan, you may have to wait for at least 20 years. Probably, this process is very long, maybe you will forget for citizenship during this period and would like to settle in any different country.

In Bhutan, if you talk about Bhutan and its king, your citizenship can be canceled. Bhutan has her right that you can be denied at any time after being a citizen.

Final Thoughts

This list includes some other countries such as Switzerland and Japan and many such countries. But these top 5 beautiful countries are the most difficult to get citizenship. Because, you should be aware of their culture, languages, political systems etc. And, perhaps, you may have to wait so long to get citizenship in these countries.

Similarly if we talk about India. India is not far behind this list. You may have to wait 12 years to get citizenship. But in some cases, you can get Indian citizenship in less time.

However, let us know that India is a country where everyone likes coming, staying and visiting but rarely some people who want to stay permanently. It may be because of its population. India already has the world’s second largest population. However, in the coming time, India is going to be a world master after which people would like to come here and stay.

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  • […] 5 Beautiful Countries Hardest to Get Citizenship | World Travel […]

  • […] 5 Beautiful Countries Hardest to Get Citizenship | World Travel […]

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