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The Keto Diet Meal Plan for 1 Week

Keto Diet Meal Plan: Healthy meat and vegetables

Back in the ’20s, about a century ago, when computers and hip-hop culture was a thing of present-day imagination, a young doctor came up with a realization. Little did he know the findings would form the basis of the 21st Century mainly embraced diet for weight loss. When he realized that a keto diet could be used to address epilepsy, especially in kids who experienced lesser and lesser attacks, he thought he had discovered of the year. It was Rollin Woodyatt – an endocrinologist. The discovery was cemented by Russel Wilder, a clinician who named the food ketogenic diet due to the production of the discovered ketones in the liver.

Since 1921, the keto diet plan has been emphasized as a method of combating epilepsy. Peter Huttenlocher would later form his ration of the keto diet, which allowed for a higher carb and protein content, with 60% of the calories originating from MCT oils. Currently, the majority appreciates the need and use of a keto diet plan as a means to reduce weight. It, with the help of the best keto supplement, helps the body enter a ketogenic state.

How and Why is a Keto Diet Important?

Before deciding on embarking on meal prep for the keto diet, it is important to note that entering ketosis is not only going to help decrease weight. Your liver simply starts using glycogen stores, which quickly reduces the body water content. Eventually, your body switches to the ketones formed by fats as a fuel source.

Yes, you will eventually feel less hungry, and you’ll have a lesser craving for food!

Yes, combining fat burning foods with a splash of regular exercise will work to your advantage!

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That notwithstanding, what are the associated benefits of sticking to a keto diet meal plan?

  • Slows down cognitive decline, especially when healthy fat content is raised – marine oils to be specific.
  • Improved symptoms in cases with type 2 diabetes.
  • May lower blood pressure significantly decrease blood sugars and insulin levels.
  • Of course, a petite figure is what we are aiming for: keto diet makes sure the belly fat is fully addressed.

Composition and Measurement

Keto diet ingredients
Keto diet ingredients

Anyone wondering what the keto diet meal plan is maybe troubled by just how much is enough. How much carb is too much? How much protein is too little? What amounts of healthy fats should be in the meal prep for the keto diet?

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Well, after giving you the compositions, make sure you make use of the best keto diet calculator and even fetch yourself a keto diet measurement kit to know whether you have entered ketosis.

An easy to follow keto diet meal plan will look something like:

  • 60-75% healthy fats
  • 25-30% protein
  • 5-9% carbs and starch

Enough already! So, what is the keto diet meal plan? Consider the following keto diet 7-day meal plan to get you started. Note that different bodies will react differently in and before ketosis: some may take way longer to enter the ketogenic state, whereas others display almost immediate effects once they embrace the keto diet meal ideas.

Day 1

Breakfast: Cheddar cheese with scrambled eggs mixed in sautéed onions. If possible, have a glass of high-fat yogurt.

Lunch: Keto diet Asian beef salad. Alternatively, try out deli ham served with mixed greens and avocado with a layer of sliced cucumbers.

Dinner: cauliflower rice served with steak or chicken casserole.

Day 2

Breakfast: Cottage cheese in an avocado cup.

Lunch: Cheese soup with bacon cheddar.

Dinner: Keto pizza with shrimp.

Day 3

Breakfast: Keto cheese roll-up and a glass of raspberry fruit with melons.

Lunch: Keto meat pie over baby spinach and a serving of avocado salad with tomatoes.

Dinner: Chinese beef with cauliflower rice.

Before proceeding with the keto diet meal plan examples, it is important to adopt such a keto diet plan only if your budget allows it. It would also be economically sound to prepare a huge serving of dinner to work as the next day’s lunch plan. It not only ensures you stick to the keto diet meal plan but also saves you some extra pennies. Read on to find out what you can do with those saved bucks.

Day 4

Breakfast: Dairy-free keto latte with crushed walnuts and chia seeds.

Lunch: Green salad served with sardines.

Dinner: Keto diet cheeseburger and a serving of cold turkey roll-ups.

Day 5

Breakfast: Baked eggs with mayonnaise and coriander.

Lunch: Salmon filled avocados with oranges (2).

Dinner: Oven-roasted vegetables with goat cheese.

Tasty breakfast
Tasty breakfast

Day 6

Breakfast: Western omelet with full-fat Greek yogurt.

Lunch: Courgette Parmesan chips and a serving of fish casserole.

Dinner: Keto quesadillas dipped in creamy tomato sauce served with keto diet ribeye steak.

Day 7

Breakfast: Spinach omelet with cocoa coconut milk smoothie.

Lunch: Chicken wings on a layer of watercress salad.

Dinner: Meatloaf, zucchini, and a serving of sautéed mushroom.

Remember the extra savings you’ve made so far. You can get yourself the finest bottle of white wine or dry red and enjoy a cup every seventh day. Since this should be a celebration, make sure you keep a check on the keto diet weight loss per week.

If you religiously follow the given keto diet meal plan to the end, you’ll not only experience a taste of different foods, but you will also do this as you gain that petite look you’ve always envisioned. The keto diet one-week results may not please you so much, especially during the first week. Still, eventually, as you keep analyzing the progress every week, you are sure to notice visible changes.

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Those on medication are encouraged to seek out professional assistance before trying out any keto diet recipes. If you also start experiencing grievous side effects from the plan which you are unable to control, first put a pause as you seek a medic for further directions. You’ll have to do so much more than just reliance on a keto diet. It is due to studies which indicate the long term effects of embracing ketogenic dietary plans is akin to eating healthy meals. It is simply to say you will cut on more weight during the first weeks or months, but eventually, this will reduce as your body learns to depend on fats. Thus, plenty of exercises is important, which makes it all the more worthwhile.

What do you love most about the keto diet and the meals? Do you have any recipes to share with us in the comment section below?

Nutrition and food science is a particular interest of Taylor Linford. Having gone through the detrimental phases of obesity herself, she's been lucky to come out of it and is now more focused on building her career, family as well as anyone who wants to make better life choices, especially when it comes to food.


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