Top 10 Most Profitable Franchise Business in India

Profitable Franchise Business in India

Business is something which anyone can start with a good idea and a good vision. Opening a profitable franchise business in India can cost anyone millions this type of myth are present in the market. And the truth is anyone can start a profitable franchise business in India and it would not cost you millions.

In India, Businesses can make you earn an unlimited profit, and that too in a shorter span of time if anyone does hard work. India is a developing country and one of the leading economic and commercial hubs among all the South Asian countries, because of which a lot of international entities coming to the countries with some different types of franchise opportunities.

What Is A Franchise Business?

Do you know why India has so many foreign brands in the market? The only answer is Franchise Business. It is one of the main channels through which international companies and brands have gained strength in the Indian market. The process involves a franchisor (franchise brand) offering a franchisee (owner of a franchise establishment) a royalty fee in exchange for conceptual, structural, legal, and training-related assistance, as well as an initial commissioning fee.

The gains from owning and selling a franchise are two-way;  Franchisors and franchisees make a profit. Once the franchisee gains access to the brand’s loyal consumer base, creative support, legal consulting, and training support, the franchisor can expand the business into untapped markets;  Therefore, the market share and revenue are increasing.

Before getting into this model, it is essential that investors and companies do in-depth research on their potential business partners before signing on the dotted line. For investors, it is probably safe to stick with established names and brands. There is a rumor that the franchise model requires a heavy investment.

Let’s clear up this confusion. Franchising is the most profitable and viable form of business opportunity; You can easily start a franchise for INR 1 lakh.

Everyone must be curious to know about the successful Profitable Franchise In India, so, here we are coming up with the Top 10 Most Profitable Franchise Business In India:-

Top 10 Most Profitable Franchise Business In India

#1. Subway

  • Established in: 1965.
  • Industry: Food and beverages (fast food).
  • Investment: INR 54-90 Lakh
  • Franchise units: more than 500.

Subway was started in 1965 by Fred DeLucea to help pay for college tuition fees. Subway’s mission is to provide the highest quality of service to its customers at affordable prices, which today follows all brands. And now it is the largest Sub-Sandwich chai in the world.

Today, Subway is one of the few fast food establishments that thrives on promoting a variety of healthy food options. With a mix of salads and endless sandwiches on a variety of bread like whole wheat, multigrain, and gluten-free variants, Subway has built a loyal customer base in the process.

#2. Giani’s

  • Established in: 1956.
  • Industry: Food and beverages (desserts and ice cream).
  • Investment: INR 10-20 Lakh
  • Franchise Units: 50+ (approx.)

Giani’s was founded in 1956 by Giani Gurcharan Singh. When he launched Giani Di Hatti between the markets of Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi, only Rabri Faluda and Mango Shake won countless hearts at that moment. Since then, Gianni has become invincible.

Giani launched several company-owned and franchised outlets in North India and experienced great returns on investment from him.

#3. Jawed Habib Hair And Beauty Ltd.

  • Established in: 2000.
  • Industry: Beauty and Wellness.
  • Investment: INR 20-30 lakhs.
  • Franchise units: 875 (approx.)

Jawed Habib is one of the Profitable Franchise Business in India and a hairdressing and wellness brand founded by Jawed Habib. Jawed comes from a family of barbers; Therefore, the haircut was not new to him. His grandfather was a hairdresser for famous dignitaries such as Lord Mountbatten and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.  After the inheritance, Javed’s father was appointed Rashtrapati Bhavan’s official hairdresser.

But Jawed Habib had a different plan and wanted to establish his brand across the country.  He was successful in his business endeavors and was also instrumental in changing a barber’s pattern. Jawed transformed the image of a simple hairdresser into a glamorous hairdresser.

#4. Affinity Salon

  • Established in: 1992.
  • Industry: Beauty and Wellness.
  • Investment: INR 30-50 lakhs.
  • Franchise units: 100 (approx)

Affinity Salon Group was founded in 1992 by Vishal Sharma. The sophisticated and experienced staff combined with an international range of luxurious and exclusive interiors and beauty products, which sets Affinity Saloon apart from its rivals. The brand has also been ranked among the 100 best salons in the world in the Salon Red Book.

The unisex salon franchise has set a standard to meet global standards for hair care and beauty services in the country. Affinity Salon has experienced steady growth and maintains around one hundred outlets in India. It plans to expand its reach to many other Indian cities due to the increasing demand for unisex salons.

#5. Inxpress

  • Established in: 2011.
  • Industry: courier and delivery.
  • Investment: INR 5 Lakh
  • Franchise Units: 20–50.

Inxpress has world-class carriers that handle pickup and delivery. InXpress determines the right operator and service options for customer needs at affordable prices. The brand gives entrepreneurs the setup to build a flexible business with the support of the global franchise system.

#6. DTDC Courier And Cargo Ltd.

  • Established in: 1990.
  • Industry: courier and delivery.
  • Investment: INR 50,000 – INR 2 Lakh
  • Franchise Units: 1000+.

Subhashish Chakraborty is the Founder, President, and Managing Director of DTDC Courier & Cargo Limited. The brand was born in Bangalore in 1990 and today has more than 1000 franchise units in India.

#7. Lenskart

  • Established in: 2010.
  • Industry: Glasses.
  • Investment: INR 30-35 lakhs.
  • Franchise Units: 330+ (approx.)

Lenskart works both online and offline. Lenskart was founded in 2010 by Piyush Bansal, Amit Chaudhary, and Sumit Kapahi as an online portal for contact lenses. The brand didn’t stop there and tried to launch an offline store to expand its retail presence.

So far, the expansion plan has focused on increasing the number of offline outlets to 500 out of the current 330 outlets.

#8. FabIndia

  • Established in: 1960.
  • Industry: Retail (Fashion)
  • Investment: INR 40-50 Lakh
  • Franchise Units: 175+ (approx.)

FabIndia was founded by John Bissell in 1960. It is equally loved by all age groups. Fabindia has passed the sales mark of INR 1 billion rupees to become the largest retail clothing brand in India; It is way ahead of competitors like Zara and Levi’s India.

#9. Kake Di Hatti

  • Established in: 1942.
  • Industry: Food and Beverages.
  • Investment: INR 20-30 lakhs.
  • Franchise Units: Less than 10.

Kake Di Hatti is also a Profitable Franchise Business in India and also an intergenerational restaurant that has been operating successfully for more than seven decades. It started as a small shop on the Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi in 1942 and soon changed to a household name. Kake Di Hatti has attracted loyal customers due to its high-quality food.

#10. EuroKids

  • Established in: 2001.
  • Industry: Preschool education.
  • Investment: INR 10-20 Lakh
  • Franchise Units: 1000+

EuroKids is one of the largest preschool chains in India. It was founded in 2001 by Prajod Rajan and Vikas Phadnis, and it was their “boy first” ideology that paved the way for EuroKids’ success. Their trust has been maintained across the country.

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