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4 Ways to Give Your Company the Technological Edge 4

Ever since businesses started competing with each other, they were all looking at different ways in which they could give themselves the technological edge. As we have moved towards a digital era, no doubt giving your company a technological edge can end up meaning big sums of money flowing your way in business. So, let’s […]

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Social Media Technology

Tips to Adapt to New Software Development Trends

It’s essential to stay up to date with new software development trends. First and foremost, the software development industry is constantly evolving, and new tools, technologies, and best practices are constantly emerging. Staying up to date with these developments can help you stay competitive in your career and ensure that you are using the most […]

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Data & Security Science & Technology Technology

“Cyber Attacks On Critical Infrastructures Are Evolving” insights from IBM’s Cybersecurity Expert

As our world becomes increasingly digitized, the risk of cyber attacks on critical infrastructures are also growing. Unfortunately, these attacks often need to be better understood and publicized, which can make it difficult for us to know how to protect ourselves or our organizations. For example – Hacktivists bring down the US power grid during a […]

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Energy & Environment Mobiles & Gadgets Science & Technology Technology

Effects of 5G Spectrum on human health

Since the 1980s the evolution of Telecommunications has come a long way. Every generation has its forte. People went berserk when they could communicate with the entire world in the snap of a finger. It all started with 1G with the ability to do voice calls, with 2G we could do voice calls and messages, […]

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Careers Data & Security Education Science & Technology Technology

Why You Really Need (A) CISSP Course?

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional is a world-renowned certification for IT security professionals. Enrolling in the CISSP course from a reputed institute will ensure that you develop technical and managerial knowledge to efficiently look after the security posture of your organization. Keep scrolling till the end to gather as much information as possible about […]

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Economic & Finance Funding Healthcare & Fiscal New startups Science Science & Technology Technology

Early-stage Dementia Detection Startup Med Tech Raises $2.13 Million

A company that specializes in brain health software successfully raised $2.13 million for their latest project which detects early-stage dementia. A California-based health tech company called In-Med Prognostics has raised $2.13 million led by Exxora and with participation from prominent angels. In-Med Prognostics is a leading provider of deep learning algorithms and machine learning, which […]

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Cloud Computing Data & Security Technology

5 Benefits of Using Oracle E-Business Suite Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Supply Chain Management are all mechanized by a suite of business software named Oracle E-Business Suite (SCM). Oracle EBS provides a further significant benefit in addition to automation. A single database that comprises all of the product modules makes reporting easier and offers a single source […]

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Cloud Computing Data & Security Mobiles & Gadgets Science & Technology Technology

10 Tips To Give A Great Boost To The Concept Of IoT Security

Internet of things is the best possible password in today’s application world which is the main concept that people need to give a great boost to the IoT security and technicalities of the whole process. So, understanding the concept and scope of the IoT security challenges is very much important so that everyone will be having a […]

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Investing in NFTs: Is It Worth It?

Of the various tech innovations of the last few decades, few have had the immediate impact of blockchain technology. This tech is the basis of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Of course, these aren’t the only innovations that blockchain tech has helped to usher in. The latest trend that has swept up the attention […]

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New startups Sales Leadership Social Media Technology

Why Should You Use Logo Items For Marketing At Your Business?

Creating a marketing strategy can simultaneously be fun and a chore. All the details involved, the budgeting, the expenses, and the lining up of marketing channels all offer their own challenges. Fortunately, offering logo items to your customers in some form can help ramp up your marketing efforts and provide consistent quality ROI for the […]

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