Indian Townships in Pandemic times

Townships – Redefining Indian Housing in Pandemic Times

To say the least, the Covid-19 crisis has transformed consumer preferences. The accent is now on safety, security and access to 'around-the-corner conveniences. These...
the Zomato IPO

10 Key Things Investors must know about the Zomato IPO

The Zomato IPO or the initial public offering of food delivery company Zomato will open in this week. This will be the...
Pune’s housing market

4 Ways the Government Can Boost Pune’s Housing Market

Pune’s housing market has remained remarkably strong despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Both demand and new supply were consistent from July 2020 to March 2021...
MMR unsold inventory

MMR unsold inventory overhang dips to 43 months in Q2 2021, from 55 months...

Unsold housing inventory in MMR overhang back nearly at 2015 levels (42 months) amid rising sales In contrast to other cities, MMR saw...
Mastering apartments

10 Proven Tips To Mastering Apartments Interior Designers

When talking of goals and dreams, having your own apartments or place is what everyone thinks of, and decorating it and making...
Dubai property investment Indians post pandemic

Dubai – A Post-Pandemic Investment Destination for Indians

More than ever before, Indians are now eyeing properties in Dubai. Investing in real estate has emerged as the quickest way to get a...
Global trends interior design

7 Global Trends That Will Affect Interior Design In 2022

Making your space look attractive and bringing out the maximum of all things is what everyone desires. Owning your own space whether...
investing firms in India

Top 10 Investing Firms in India in 2021

By an Investing Firms in India, we generally mean a company, which is responsible for issuing securities as well as is primarily...
Affordable Housing Supply India

Premium Homes Launches at 36% in Q2 2021, Affordable Housing Share Dips to 20%

Of 36,260 units launched in Q2 2021 in the top 7 cities, the premium segment (priced b/w INR 80 lakh to INR...
most Volatile Stocks

Top 10 Most Volatile Stocks in the market for 2021

The stock market has always been volatile. Economic ups and downs, political activities, and changes in government rules and regulations always give...

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