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Top Bloggers in India

If you are a blogger or want an inspiration, check out these top bloggers in India. Blogging has experienced significant growth as a viable professional option in India over the past few years. Given the huge number of people who are already connected to the internet—nearly 5 billion—it has become a popular method for creating an online community and is quite effective for marketing. The expansion of the internet’s use across the nation in 2015 was the beginning of many successful Indian bloggers’ adventures.

According to blog statistics, only 14% of bloggers create posts longer than 2000 words, while 64% of blogs are accessed on Chrome browsers. The second most popular media format in content strategy is blogs. It’s interesting to note that India’s blogging community exhibits a gender balance, with 53% of bloggers being women and 47% being men. Additionally, a sizable portion of bloggers—roughly 61%—create sponsored blog content.

The future of blogging seems bright given the significant popularity of blogs, with 77% of internet users reading them. Millennials in India are likewise interested in this possibility, as 65% of them are actively investigating the chances that blogging in their nation has to offer. To delve deeper into the subject, this article will focus on the 50 top bloggers in India.

List of Top 50 Bloggers in India

According to analyses of the blogging audience, smartphone and tablet devices account for 26% of all blog traffic. In addition, 71% of blogs in India are still published in English, making it the language of choice for blogging. WordPress is preferred by 63% of bloggers when it comes to blogging platforms, with the remaining 37% choosing alternative options.

In addition to recognizing the bloggers outstanding accomplishments, this article on top bloggers in India hopes to encourage and inspire young bloggers to follow in their footsteps. Continue reading to know about the top bloggers in India in detail.

1. Shradha Sharma

Niche: Startup

top bloggers in India

One of the first female top bloggers in India included in our list of the best Indian bloggers, Shradha, began her career as a journalist for well-known publications like Times of India. With YourStory, which has now developed into a recognized media organization, she started her blogging career.

YourStory has established itself as a leading platform for Indian businesses and currently works with several renowned worldwide brands. Readers were captivated from the start of Shradha’s blog with its intriguing stories of interviews and diverse narratives.

2. Abhijeet Mukherjee

Niche: Tech

top bloggers in India

Prior to starting his site GuidingTech, Abhijeet Mukherjee had nine years of blogging experience. Due to his wide history, he is able to provide readers with insightful advice that helps them choose new items wisely as well as use technology to its fullest potential.

His blog is a thorough resource that familiarizes visitors with a variety of aspects of gadgets and technologies. Unquestionably, Abhijeet Mukherjee continues to hold his position as one of top bloggers in India.

3. Harsh Agrawal

Niche: SEO

top bloggers in India

Engineer by training and employed as a content marketer, Harsh Agrawal made a crucial choice in 2008 to leave his job and pursue blogging as a full-time profession. Harsh has established himself as India’s top blogger because to his approachable writing techniques and top-notch articles featured on

Today, his blog has millions of followers and enjoys a prestigious standing within the Indian blogging community. Other well-known blogs owned by Harsh Agrawal in addition to ShoutMeLoud include CoinSutra, WPSutra, ShoutMeTech, and WPhostingDiscount.

4. Amit Agarwal

Niche: Tech

top bloggers in India

The honor of being India’s first professional blogger belongs to Amit, one of the nation’s most well-known and influential tech bloggers. According to Hindustan Times, he has been recognized as the father of Indian blogging for his enormous contributions to the industry.

Amit’s blog, Digital Inspiration, serves as a comprehensive resource, offering advice on properly using web technologies and software tools, even though it is largely focused on the development of web applications and Google add-ons.

5. Varun Krishnan

Niche: Tech

top bloggers in India

Varun Krishnan, a web architect, technology journalist, authority on the mobile business, and voracious traveler, set out on a worldwide search for the “perfect” phone. He visited more than 24 nations on his voyage, where he was exposed to many cultures and learned a great deal about technology.

Upon his return to India, Varun started FoneArena, one of the country’s first blogs with a particular emphasis on mobile technology. FoneArena was established with the goal of supporting consumers in both developed and developing countries, and it immediately became recognized as a valuable tool.

6. Anand Khanse

Niche: Tech

top bloggers in India

Anand, who received the prestigious Windows Insider MVP award, started his blogging career by starting his first blog, WinVistaClub, which was largely focused on Windows Vista. The Windows Club, a comprehensive platform that explores the complexity of troubleshooting and problem-solving relevant to recently released Windows versions and the larger Microsoft ecosystem, was subsequently launched by him as he expanded his endeavors.

Anand’s outstanding collection of work, which demonstrates his knowledge and devotion to his art, attests to his status as one of top bloggers in India.

7. Gaurav Tiwari

Niche: Education

top bloggers in India

As an independent blogger, Gaurav started his writing career in 2008 and primarily concentrated on education. However, he broadened his horizons and started covering a wider range of subjects in 2010, including technology, business, education, and blogging. One of the top bloggers in India.

His primary blog offers insightful information and resources to a wide range of readers, including bloggers, businesses, and students. Gaurav continues to have a large influence on the blogging world by his involvement in a number of projects, such as Gaurav Tiwari, Gatilab, iWebHostReview, QuestionBlogging, Overeview, and others.

8. Sandeep Jain

Niche: Programming

top bloggers in India

Software developer at DE Shaw and Co. and former assistant professor at JIIT Noida, Sandeep Jain, has a profound love for programming and a strong desire to help students master challenging algorithms. GeeksForGeeks is a renowned platform for learning computer programming methods across multiple programming languages and being ready for interviews.

It is a go-to resource for programmers around. GeeksForGeeks, Sandeep’s site, provides helpful strategies for passing tests like the GATE as well as interviews by way of brief quizzes and in-depth explanations. One of the top bloggers in India.

9. Sourav Basak

Niche: Tech

Sourav started his blog, NamasteUI, with the intention of remaining up to date with the most recent advances in these sectors and keeping his readers informed. He is deeply passionate about technology, business, and social media. NamasteUI covers a wide range of subjects, from new startup business models to cutting-edge emergent technologies that capture the imagination.

NamasteUI promotes an innovative culture that results in intelligent and cutting-edge content that reflects the dynamic nature of the business and technology industries. One of the top bloggers in India.

10. Santanu Debnath

Niche: Blogging

top bloggers in India

Santanu Debnath began writing in 2009 with his first site on He is a software engineer by profession and a passionate blogger at heart. Since then, his perseverance, focus, and dedication have helped him advance and achieve great success in his blogging endeavors. One of the top bloggers in India.

He persevered despite encountering setbacks with a number of blogs along the way, and now he oversees numerous blogs in the blogging, WordPress, and hosting categories. Santanu created in 2017 with the goal of imparting his knowledge of WordPress and blogging.

11. Anil Agarwal

Niche: Digital Marketing

top bloggers in India

BloggersPassion was started by Anil Agarwal, who was inspired by well-known blogs like Problogger and JohnChow. His objective is to share insightful knowledge on using tried-and-true methods to make money online. One of the top bloggers in India.

Affiliate marketing, blogging, and SEO tactics are among the areas in which Anil is a specialist. His extraordinary abilities have inspired him to write a number of excellent publications that are priceless tools for newbies pursuing advancement.

12. Arun Prabhudesai

Niche: Tech

top bloggers in India

Arun started, a site devoted to providing timely updates on businesses and startups in India, as a result of his interest in technology and gadgets. The blog became well-known after hitting the 10-year mark and was highlighted in the Times of India.

It has also been recognized by Times Online as one of the top 10 business blogs in India. Arun is influential since he owns three YouTube channels with a total of almost 2.2 million subscribers. One of the top bloggers in India.

13. Manish Chauhan

Niche: Finance

top bloggers in India

Manish uses his blog, JagoInvestor, to share his knowledge because he is passionate about finance. In addition to writing two well-known books, “How to be your own financial planner in 10 steps” and “16 personal finance principles every investor should know,” he has actively participated in a number of investing workshops.

Investors can benefit from Manish’s blog, which provides useful advice and sound money management techniques to improve their quality of life. One of the top bloggers in India.

14. Shivya Nath

Niche: Travel

top bloggers in India

Shivya is a freelancer, travel blogger, storyteller, and social media entrepreneur who embraces the digital nomad way of life. She bravely quit her work to follow her goal of travelling the globe. Prominent websites including TEDx, and BBC Travel have recognized Shivya’s outstanding travel writing.

Her best-selling book, “The Shooting Star,” which details her fascinating encounters on her travels, has gained bestseller status. One of the top bloggers in India.

15. Jignesh Padhiyar

Niche: Tech

top bloggers in India

iGeeksBlog was founded by two devoted geeks, Jignesh and Dhvanesh, who were inspired by their love of Apple products and their features. This site only covers Apple-related products, technologies, and the most recent news and information.

For Apple fans looking for thorough coverage of the Apple ecosystem, iGeeksBlog is the go-to source thanks to their knowledge and passion. One of the top bloggers in India.

16. Arvind Passey

Niche: Politics

top bloggers in India

Former IMA cadet Arvind Passey is a very intelligent blogger who is recognized for his adaptability. His work has received attention and been featured in prestigious magazines including The Education Post, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, MarketingBuzzar, and many others.

He has a background as a critically renowned journalist and poet. Arvind Passey’s many skills and accomplishments have cemented his position as a leading figure in the blogging community. One of the top bloggers in India.

17. Pritam Nagrale

Niche: Finance

top bloggers in India

Pritam began his internet career as an affiliate marketer and in 2004 founded, his first site, which mostly covered money-making ideas. He launched MoneyConnexion in 2010 with the intention of broadening his writing scope to include small enterprises, financial themes, and multi-level marketing.

Pritam’s journey would not have been the same without this platform, which allowed him to explore a wide range of topics and impart insightful knowledge to his audience. One of the top bloggers in India.

18. Kulwant Nagi

Niche: Digital Marketing

top bloggers in India

Kulwant, a skilled writer and digital marketer, has made a name for himself in the affiliate sector. He has gained great acclaim for his contributions to the Indian blogging scene through his platform BloggingCage. One of the top bloggers in India.

In addition to his blogging activities, Kulwant is committed to instructing other bloggers through his outstanding courses, imparting his wisdom and experience to assist others flourish in the industry.

19. Ankit Singla

Niche: Digital Marketing

top bloggers in India

After quitting his engineering job, Ankit has found success as a professional blogger, affiliate marketer, trainer, and consultant. His area of expertise is helping other bloggers grow and make money through his in-depth training programs, which are available on MasterBlogging.

Ankit’s effective methods and strategies have attracted attention, resulting in articles being published in respectable media outlets including The Huffington Post, YourStory, NDTV Prime, and others. One of the top bloggers in India.

20. Siddharth Sharma

Niche: Digital Marketing

Sanu Siddharth, another name for Siddharth Sharma, is a well-known SEO expert who started blogging years before it became commonplace. Siddharth has established himself as one of India’s top bloggers thanks to his expertise in SEO, social media marketing (SMM), internet marketing, and e-commerce.

His participation as a co-founder of popular blogs like OnlyLoudest and many others demonstrates his wide skill set and further establishes his influence and accomplishments in the blogging community. One of the top bloggers in India.

21. Pradeep Kumar

Niche: Digital Marketing

top bloggers in India

Pradeep developed a strong enthusiasm for blogging at the young age of 17, which inspired him to start HellBoundBloggers. This platform serves as his online journal and discusses a variety of subjects, such as WordPress, blogging, social media, the internet, and technology.

Despite facing many obstacles along the way, Pradeep has been able to build an impressive reputation and succeed greatly in his endeavors. One of the top bloggers in India.

22. Deepak Kanakaraju

Niche: Tech

A well-known name in the field of digital marketing, Deepak Kanakaraju has had a big influence thanks to his skills as a writer, teacher, and marketing specialist. He started his business career with BikeAdvice, a venture that eventually developed into India’s top motorcycle blog.

Deepak is adept at using technology, as seen by the fact that his blog, Digital Deepak, is currently ranked among India’s top 10 digital marketing blogs. He disseminates useful information on a variety of subjects through his platform, including email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads, among others.

23. Srinivas Tamada

Niche: Programming

Srinivas, an entrepreneur propelled by his natural drive and powered by his love of programming, is a role model for aspiring programmers and bloggers looking to get into the web development industry as well as a blogger and UI architect. One of the top bloggers in India.

Srinivas is deeply fascinated by the internet’s complexity and relishes delving into its depths. Visit his blog at if you’re looking to learn about PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, and other web-related topics. It’s a great resource for your education.

24. Archana Doshi

Niche: Food

Book Strategising Blog With Archana Doshi tickets, Bengaluru |

Archana entertained the idea of exploring the culinary world after giving it some thought. Her love of food drove her to explore the world of small-scale catering and start teaching cooking classes in people’s homes. One of the top bloggers in India.

With the encouragement of her friends, Archana made the decision to share her culinary knowledge and began posting her recipes and cooking advice on a blog called Archana’s Kitchen, making her name known in the world of online blogging.

25. Amit Bhawani

Niche: Tech

Amit Bhawani is a phenomenal Indian blogger and Youtuber, who is ...

Amit Bhawani, who is currently a partner at Digital World Solutions, made his online debut with a strong interest in technology. As a self-described gadget fanatic, he enjoys writing in-depth evaluations of the newest cellphones, Apple devices, and other gadgets. One of the top bloggers in India.

His blog PhoneRadar has attracted a sizable readership, drawing people who want to stay up to date on the most recent developments in the technology sector. As a result, PhoneRadar has established itself as one of India’s leading technology blogs.

26. Rahul Setia

Niche: Tech

Rahul started his first blog, TechBlogCorner, in 2014 as a hobby and set off on his blogging journey. His main objective is to help newbies to the world of blogging flourish and make money.

Rahul also makes an attempt to teach his readers how to improve their technological and digital marketing skills. Through his blog, he offers insightful advice to help people succeed in these fields. One of the top Indian bloggers.

27. Dipti Tiwari

Niche: Fashion

Dipti, a Chhattisgarh-born beauty blogger, started her blogging career over ten years ago and has been succeeding ever since. She uses her blog, Gorgeously Flawed, as a platform to discuss topics connected to fashion, lifestyle, and beauty.

Dipti has developed a solid reputation in the fields of makeup, fashion, and beauty as a result of her specialisation in these areas, making her a well-known name in the field. One of the top Indian bloggers.

28. Akshay Hallur

Niche: Digital Marketing

A Story of How Blogging Helped Akshay Hallur to ride the Digital Wave...

Akshay, a fantastic person, shares his knowledge through his blog BloggingX, where he offers readers tried-and-true methods for boosting their blogs and companies through SEO, affiliate marketing, and other means. He decided to stop his studies and pursue a full-time career as a professional blogger after realising a steady income from blogging.

In addition, Akshay works as a digital tutor, providing classes on blogging, SEO, and other digital marketing strategies. He has also spoken at various conferences on digital marketing, imparting his expertise to budding professionals. One of the top Indian bloggers.

29. Jyoti Chauhan

Niche: SEO

Interview with Jyoti Chauhan of UpdateLand | Blogging career, Blog ...

Since 2013, Jyoti, a seasoned SEO professional, has regularly contributed to UpdateLand. Her articles typically cover subjects like search engine optimisation advice, hand-picked lists of SEO websites, methods for making money online, and tactics for increasing traffic to blogs and websites.

Her expertise includes SEO, technology, and affiliate marketing. Jyoti has made a name for herself as a well-respected Indian blogger who excels in these fields and constantly produces effective and efficient work. One of the top Indian bloggers.

30. Iftekhar Ahmed

Niche: SEO

Iftekhar Ahmed - YouTube

When Iftekhar founded iftiSEO in 2014, he immediately became a dominant figure in the industry. Along with his main business, he mentors and takes part in other SEO-related activities. He helps businesses and blogs grow by focusing on straightforward, extremely effective marketing techniques.

Iftekhar has led countless organisations to flourish and survive in the digital environment by utilising the power of SEO and social media at their core. One of the top Indian bloggers.

31. Rajesh Namse

Niche: Digital Marketing

Indian serial entrepreneur and blogger Rajesh Namse has more than ten years of expertise in blogging and digital marketing. Rajesh has worked on a variety of projects over the course of his career, including the development of SEO tools, blogs, and niche affiliate websites. One of the top Indian bloggers.

He currently holds the position of co-founder of the market research and analysis company Prudor Pvt Ltd. TechLila, Rajesh’s main site, provides in-depth coverage of the most recent technological advancements, Android, blogging, SEO, and other topics.

32. Ashish Sinha

Niche: Business

Top 10 Bloggers in India 2020 And Their Earnings [Updated]

Another noteworthy Indian blogger on my list is Ashish Sinha, an IIT and IIM alumnus. He rose to fame as the creator of Next Big What, a renowned site for tech enthusiasts, startup founders, and aspiring business owners. One of the top Indian bloggers.

Ashish founded Next Big What in 2009; it was first known as Ashish held senior product management positions at Yahoo and New Scale prior to starting his blog.

33. Dev Sharma

Niche: Blogging

Dev, who also goes by the name Devesh Sharma, is well-known in the WordPress community. Since the age of 15, he has been actively using WordPress and blogging. Along the way, Dev has contributed his knowledge to a number of prestigious blogs and managed his own platform, WP Kube.

WP Kube is a comprehensive website that provides WordPress and blogging fans with a multitude of useful tips, techniques, and guidance. One of the top Indian bloggers.

34. Basavraj Tonagatti

Niche: Finance Success Story of Basavaraj Tonagatti

Famous Indian blogger Basuvaraj Tonagatti focuses on finance and investing. The amazing collection of over 740 posts on his blog, BasuNivesh, garners about 425,000 monthly page visits. With an Alexa Rank of 62,228 the blog has experienced significant growth.

The fact that Basuvaraj is both a professional financial planner and a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser distinguishes him in the industry. His reputation as one of India’s finance top Indian bloggers. is further cemented by these qualifications.

35. Vishal Khandelwal

Niche: Finance

10 Best Indian Blog By Top Bloggers Worth Following in 2021 - Maahi ...

Vishal is a well-known top-rated finance blogger in India. He has over 15 years of experience in the stock market and as a seasoned finance expert. His blog, Safal Niveshak, which he started in 2011, has grown into a go-to source for straightforward guidance on money, investment, and stock markets.

Safal Niveshak, which receives millions of views each month, is currently considered India’s top finance blog. One of the top Indian bloggers.

36. PV Subramanyam

Niche: Finance

Don't buy that 'House of lies'

In India, PV Subramanyam is a top Indian bloggers who focuses on investment and finance. His famous coaching adage, “You can be rich too,” has attracted much attention. His blog, Subra Money, is one of India’s top financial blogs and receives millions of readers from all over the world.

The coaching and training programme developed by PV Subramanyam has been beneficial to many organisations, including brokerage firms, banks, life insurance firms, mutual funds, and medical practises.

37. Gaurav Jaggi

Niche: SEO

Gaurav Jaggi is the top SEO specialist and top Indian bloggers, so look no further. He is regarded as a specialist in the sector and is exceptional at lead generation, blogging, and website ranking. Gaurav produces outstanding results with his talent and knowledge.

There’s no need to sign up for pricey classes if you’re interested in studying SEO. Simply subscribe to Gaurav’s YouTube channel, where he regularly posts amazing information on cutting-edge SEO strategies and blogging.

38. Vinay Goud

Niche: SEO

Interview with Founder of All Tech Tricks - Vinay Goud

Another top Indian bloggers and SEO specialist, Vinay Goud, has had notable success in attracting millions of visitors and making millions of dollars through blogging. Even though it is no longer active, his site All Tech Media was regarded as one of India’s best tech blogs.

Tech news, blogging, digital marketing, SEO, and other topics were all covered by All Tech Media. Vinay also has a tonne of experience with Google AdSense and affiliate marketing.

39. Nisha Madhulikha

Niche: Food

Top 5 YouTube Influencers in India - Socio Influencer

One of the top Indian food bloggers and YouTubers is Nisha Madhulika, a well-known female blogger from India. She was honoured by Economics Times in 2016 as one of the “Top 10 YouTubers in India.” Millions of people visit her Indian food blog each month, and her YouTube channel has an astonishing 10.2 million followers and 1.79 billion total views.

For anyone wishing to improve their cooking abilities, Nisha’s blog and YouTube channel are excellent resources thanks to her knowledge and interesting content. One of the top Indian bloggers.

40. Shalini Chopra

Niche: Fashion

Shalini Chopra, One of India's Leading Fashion Bloggers

Indian fashion blogger Shalini Chopra is well known for her lovely appearance and alluring smile. In the years 2014, 2015, and 2016, she was recognised as one of India’s best fashion top Indian bloggers.

Her blog’s main goal is to inform readers about how to appreciate fashion, beauty, and style in all facets of life. Shalini’s blog covers a variety of subjects in addition to fashion, including technology, fitness, and travel.

41. Swadhin Agrawal

Niche: Blogging

Indian chemist Swadhin Agrawal is a multi-talented professional who excels in a variety of professions. He helps bloggers turn their blogs into successful internet companies in his capacity as managing director of Value Intent Media Pvt. Ltd. He is also working on two web projects.

One of them is the well-known Indian site DigitaGyd, which discusses subjects including blogging, SEO, and online advertising. One of the top Indian bloggers.

42. Satish Khushwaha

Niche: SEO

See the source image

An important internet presence has been established by Indian blogger and YouTuber Satish Kushwaha. Satish has received five YouTube Play Button Awards and has amassed over 400k subscribers to his channel. For anyone looking for Hindi-language knowledge on technology, blogging, and SEO, his blog Techyukti is an invaluable resource.

Satish interacts with his audience on a regular basis, providing educational information through interviews with prominent YouTubers, bloggers, and side hustlers from India. One of the top Indian bloggers.

43. Chandan Sahoo

Niche: Tech

Professional Blogger Chandan Prasad Sahoo Is Helping Millions of Young ...

The founder of the popular Indian site is Chandan Sahoo. His blog now has millions of visitors per month and is a successful revenue stream. One of the top Indian bloggers.

Through his internet platform, Chandan wants to teach Hindi technology. Be sure to follow his enlightening blog if you’re looking for outstanding tech tips, tricks, and updates in Hindi.

44. Sorav Jain

Niche: Digital Marketing

Sorav Jain is a well-known name on my list because he is a respected figure in the Indian blogging and digital marketing industries. Since then, he has developed into a branding specialist, digital marketing trainer, consultant, blogger, and social media expert.

Sorav started a blogging and digital marketing agency in addition to his own training facility. With articles about him appearing in prestigious publications like The Hindu, Times of India, Indian Express, and many others, his expertise has gained him fame.

45. Om Thoke

Niche: Blogging

Om Thoke, Founder of Webfosys, DOTS, Glowworms and Beloved Startup Mentor

An experienced figure in the Indian online community, Om Thoke holds a variety of positions including blogger, affiliate marketer, e-commerce specialist, investor, digital marketer, and content developer. He offers an invaluable forum for learning all facets of blogging, particularly micro-niche blogging, with his most recent endeavour, Bloggers World University.

Since 2005, Om has played a significant role in the Indian blogging community. He has successfully launched a number of niche websites and earned a sizable income from them. One of the top Indian bloggers.

46. Neeraj Mishra

Niche: Programming

Neeraj Mishra started blogging in 2012 with the admirable goal of helping learners and students become proficient in programming languages. His blog has become one of the top ones in India for programming and coding over time.

I highly recommend reading Neeraj’s insightful blog for helpful advice if you want to learn programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, PHP, SQL, and more. One of the top Indian bloggers.

47. Jitendra Vaswani

Niche: Digital Marketing

How Blogger Jitendra Vaswani Successfully Launched a WordPress Plugin

Without mentioning Jitendra Vaswani’s contributions, no discussion of the top Indian bloggers could be considered complete. Jitendra is well-known for his work as a digital marketing specialist, blogger, keynote speaker, author, and online business owner.

More than 20,000 copies of his book, “Inside A Hustler’s Brain,” have been sold worldwide. Interviews with top digital marketers are conducted by Jitendra on his YouTube channel.

48. Uma Raghuraman

Niche: Food

Uma Raghuraman Creator Stats, Biography | About Uma Raghuraman - Forbes ...

On her site, Master cook Mom, Indian mommy blogger and passionate cook Uma Rahuraman displays her culinary prowess. Her blog has made her a well-known Indian food blogger because to its wealth of delicious and nutritious dishes.

Twenty years ago, Uma fell in love with and became passionate about cooking, catapulting her to the top of the culinary industry. Uma completes her culinary adventure by posting mouthwatering food material on her Facebook and Instagram profiles in addition to her blog.

49. Anuradha Goyal

Niche: Travel

13 Best Bloggers In India You Must Follow In 2023 • EarnKaro

Travel enthusiast Anuradha started her blogging journey in 2004. Millions of people read her blog, Inditales, every year, making it a well-known platform in the travel blogging community. Anuradha had no idea that her blog would become as popular as it did when she first started it.

Her blog, however, reached new heights because to her constant passion for both writing and travel. Currently, Anuradha’s blog is acknowledged as being the best Indian blog in the travel and leisure categories.

50. Mansi Zaveri

Niche: Parenting

Mansi Zaveri | TOSB

Blogger and businesswoman Mansi is recognised for founding the leading parenting website and blog in India, Kids Stop Press. Mansi’s scholastic background supports her professional endeavours. He is one of the top bloggers in India.

She holds a B. Com from H.R. College of Commerce and a PGDM in Marketing from Sydenham Institute of Management Studies. She started Kids Stop Press in 2011, and since then, her success has only increased. Mansi worked as an account executive at Ogilvy for a while before starting her own business.

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