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Top 10 Most Famous People of Egypt!

Famous People of Egypt

Do you know, who are the Famous People of Egypt? Although the Ancient Egyptian empire existed so long ago, its remarkable sophistication is still hard to comprehend. Nevertheless, the stories of the Ancient Egyptian pharaohs allow us to learn more about a fascinating civilization that lasted for over 3,000 years and had 170 pharaohs.

Pharaohs played both a political and a religious role in Ancient Egypt. The pharaohs were generally viewed as divine and interceded between the gods and the people, with interpretations varying from ruler to ruler.

In spite of their spiritual reverence, the pharaohs also had to assume responsibility for more earthly matters of leadership, and each Egyptian pharaoh left behind a unique legacy. Some were architects or military leaders, and others were diplomats. Here are 10 of the most Famous People of Egypt.

1. Nefertiti

The Great Royal Wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten, Nefertiti ruled Ancient Egypt during the 18th Dynasty. Ancient Egyptian history records a time of great prosperity under her and her husband. There is even some debate over whether she ruled independently after her husband’s death.


2. Djoser 

There is little information about the life of Djoser, perhaps the most famous Egyptian pharaoh of the Third Dynasty. The only thing we know about him is that he designed the famous step pyramid at Saqqara, a significant landmark in ancient Egyptian architecture. Djoser’s pyramid is the first structure in which the iconic step design was realized.

King Djoser

3. Moses

In 1391 BC, Moses led a religious movement in Egypt. Goshen is the land where he was born. Israel regarded him as its lawgiver as well. Egypt practiced slavery under his reign. Those who owned slaves exploited them and treated them as animals. Despite being born to Hebrew slaves, Moses was adopted at an early age and given the benefits of royalty. This led to Moses being educated as a member of royalty. He fled to the southern islands after learning of his birth and original family and nobody was able to find him there.


4. Tutankhamun

In 1332 BC, a very young pharaoh named Tutankhamun was born, as was his half-sister, Ankhesenamun. He married very young. He died at the age of 18. Egyptians changed the god of Aten into the god of Amun during his reign. After building temples for Amun, he borrowed the name Tutankhamun, which means Amun’s living portrait. Despite his best efforts, many conflicts still threatened the economies of individual kingdoms, despite his best efforts to let the kingdoms survive in harmony.


5. Ibn Khaldun

Historiographer and historian, Ibn Khaldun is known for his history. Known as the father of modern sociology, he was born in Egypt in early 1332. Interestingly, Ibn Khaldun grew up in a wealthy family. Not only did he study under many good teachers, he also educated himself. Despite being rich, he had many difficulties growing up. He lost both his parents when he was only a teenager.

Ibn Khaldun

​​6. Thutmose III

When Hatshepsut died in 1458, Thutmose III became the main ruler after his stepmother took over as pharaoh.

Egyptologists sometimes refer to him as the Napoleon of Egypt because of his military training and reputation as something of a military genius. Thurtmose III never lost a battle and is often regarded as the greatest pharaoh in history because of his military exploits.

Thutmose III

7. Ramses II

During Ramses II’s reign, Egypt produced its greatest ruler ever. After his father’s death, he governed for six decades after becoming a prince at the age of 14. To support Egyptian civilization, he built many monuments and temples during his rule. In his lifetime, he fought several wars and enriched Egypt with rich wealth until his death at the age of 90.

Ramesses II

8. Maimonides

Among the most well-known Jewish philosophers is Maimonides. His birthplace is Spain. In addition to his role as a philosopher, he was also a physician and a scholar. His interest in science and philosophy began when he was just a child. In those days, many people were opposed to the Ganoic tradition, believing Muslim law to be more important. He wrote several books reflecting his personality and philosophies. 


9. Cleopatra

Following the death of her father, Cleopatra became her father’s successor. Several paintings and sculptures depict her beauty, as well as her strength as a ruler. In addition to being knowledgeable in many other fields, Cleopatra dedicated much of her time to the administration of the Egyptian states during her reign. As a multilingual individual, she would have made this task easier. Many of the policies she created helped the Egyptian economy thrive. Silver, copper, and other metal coins bearing her image were issued during her reign, but gold coins were not.


10. Hatshepsut

As pharaoh, Hatshepsut served until Pharaoh Thutmose III became old enough. As Pharaoh for almost two decades, she ruled Egypt with prosperity and respect for her people. Under her leadership, Egypt became prosperous, peaceful, and the nation became economically secure. The wife and sister of Thutmose II, she bore Thutmose III the son of Thutmose II.



These Famous People of Egypt put Egypt on the map. Historically, the country has had a rich culture and history that was far ahead of its time. Today, people still use toothpaste, bed sheets, and other items invented by the Egyptians. They were the best at construction. They built many complex buildings, such as pyramids, long before modern technology was available, and many of these structures still exist today.

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