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Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

Augmented Reality Apps

Despite the futuristic sound of augmented reality (AR) apps, consumers are catching onto the trend more than you might think. About 60 percent of them prefer stores with augmented reality. Besides, 40 percent of customers would pay more after using AR to experience your products.

Almost two-thirds of companies don’t even use the technology. Is your commerce strategy ready for augmented reality applications?

The following are the top 10 Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS in 2021.

1. Houzz

iOS 4.7

Android 4.6

Houzz is one of the best Augmented Reality apps for planning interior layouts and designing homes. Houzz is primarily a home improvement app, but it also offers eCommerce functionality, enabling users to browse and buy products in the app.

AR technology is used in the “View in My Room” feature to place products into three-dimensional photos of a user’s home. The product is even shown in different lighting to show what it will look like. A couch shopping app is available for consumers.

2. IKEA Place

iOS 4.7

Android 3.7

The AR app IKEA Place is also focused on home décor and is available on iPhone and Android. No assembly is required when shoppers buy furniture from this Swedish retailer.

It takes into account your entire floor plan to determine which items will fit where in your home. IKEA’s easy drag-and-drop functionality and color options take away a lot of fun from the experience. (There are no meatballs, though.)

3. YouCam Makeup

iOS 4.8

Android 4.6

We’ll wrap up this list of augmented reality apps with YouCam Makeup (another Android and iOS app). The focus here shifts to the artistry of cosmetics, as opposed to interior design.

You might be able to try on makeup samples at the makeup counter, but fluorescent lighting throws off your eyes and doesn’t meet the demands of a selfie. With YouCam, shoppers can try makeup from hundreds of major brands using augmented reality.

4. GIPHY World

iOS 4.6 

Android 4.2

We’d have a lot more color and imagination in the real world if it was like GIPHY World. It combines animated GIFs with augmented reality to create 3D graphics (as Snapchat does).

GIPHY World adds personality to social media posts. Give product photos an extra flair by adding graphics and animated elements.

5. Google Lens

Android 4.5 

The Google Lens app is an AR app for Android only. Open the app and aim it at what you want to learn more about rather than typing a text-based query. It can identify the object and tell you what it says, as well as save important numbers. You’ll also be able to find out how to purchase it (if it’s an online purchase). Visual search is just one reason why an SEO strategy should include a visual search component.

Google Lens can also be used directly within Google Photos (so you can use it on your iOS device!) and from Google Assistant.

6. Augment

iOS 4.7

Android 4.1

Augment is another top AR app in the home goods industry. Here, Augment utilizes an app to enhance images of products purchased online, and the app is geared toward eCommerce store owners.

You can then use these assets to create your own AR experience, whether via your mobile app, your website, in-person activations, or in some other way. It is especially useful for “field sales” – for example, pop-up shops, farmers markets, and event sales.


iOS 3.8

Android 4

ROAR is another of the best AR apps aimed at business owners. Using AR, you can develop an online store that customers can access by scanning product packaging at home and enhance print ads, as well as see which products and categories are the most popular.

By providing deeper, more engaging content and information about the products consumers are interested in, the app enhances both their in-store and at-home brand experiences. Customers can read reviews, check to price, and even purchase the product in-app.

8. Amikasa 

iOS 3.2

Currently, Amikasa is only available on the iOS platform (there is no Android version). Shoppers do not have to visit every store or website to get a cohesive room because Amikasa aggregates products from across the web.

The app can even be used to make purchases without having to leave it. Increasing the number of channels means increasing conversions. Selling home goods could be worthwhile if you list them on Amikasa.

9. Snapchat

iOS 3.8

Android 4.1 

The Snapchat app is known for its younger audience, fun effects, and self-destruct messages. What if I told you it was also an AR app? The wacky-face filters demonstrate AR in action.

Creating a Snapchat presence and also investing in branded filters can help brands integrate Snapchat marketing and AR into their strategy.

10. Wanna Kicks

iOS 4.6

Wanna Kicks, another iOS-exclusive app, is quite limited in scope. Wanna Kicks is a virtual option for sneaker lovers. View them from any angle to get an idea of what they look like.

Because this demographic is so socially driven, it’s built-in to share on social and solicit feedback from friends.

Users can research and interact with products more multidimensionally with augmented reality. There are many augmented reality apps available, but this is just a list of 10 of the best. In addition to these, there are tons more – from third-party apps that eCommerce brands can use to boost their wares to branded experiences that add another point of contact with customers.

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