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How to Boost Your Sales with Website SEO

Boost your website sale with SEO

Did you know that SEO of your website can boost your small business sales? It can, because it brings in more traffic from search results and can even increase awareness of your brand in your local area. The more traffic you get to the website, and the greater your brand awareness, the more customers you’re going to have and the more competitive you’re going to be. 

But how do you use search engine optimization (SEO) to get more traffic to your site? While some of the factors that search engines use to rank websites are admittedly mysterious, many of them have been extensively studied. Even if you don’t understand everything about SEO, you can boost your website traffic from organic search – and your conversions – with these simple tips.

Do Your Keyword Research

Before you can begin to optimize your page, you need to know what search keywords to use. Search keywords are the words or phrases that users type into search engines to find what they want. You need keywords with a high enough search volume to get you more traffic, but not so high that they’ll be impossible to rank for. 

If you’re running a brick-and-mortar location, you should also make sure you’re using locally optimized keywords, or keywords that include your location. Since local people are most likely to come into your location and make a purchase, they’re the ones you need to target most. You can use keyword research tools to find your best keywords. 

Optimize Your Metadata and Content

Metadata includes title tags, headers, and meta descriptions. You should write a compelling meta description that’s 140 to 160 characters long, incorporating your primary keyword and perhaps a call to action. Structure content with H1 tags for the heading and H2 tags for the subheadings. If you want to break up the content even more than that, use H2 through H6 tags. Optimize titles and subheadings with keywords. 

You also need to include keywords in your content, but that doesn’t mean try to cram in as many as possible. While that may have been the way things were done once upon a time, it’s not how they’re done anymore. These days, keyword stuffing can actually lower your website SEO, because search engines assume it’s spam. Use keywords two to four times in your content – once in the first sentence, once in the conclusion, and one or two times in the body. Try to use keywords in the title and subheadings, if you can reasonably do so.

Harness Off-Page Website SEO

Off-page SEO refers to building authority for your website in the form of links back to it from other sites, or backlinks. Backlinks show search engines that you’re considered an authority in your industry, especially if they come from other high-ranking or authoritative websites. 

You can generate some backlinks by reaching out to local business groups or asking vendors and other non-competitors in your industry to link back to you. You can also generate some backlinks by listing your business in various online directories. You can also hire a Phoenix SEO agency to help you build backlinks.

Improve Page Load Speed

People won’t stay on your page long enough to spend money, or get the information they need about your business to feel comfortable spending money, if the page doesn’t load quickly. No one has time to wait for a page to load. They’re just going to go back to the search results and click on the next link, and that’s not going to bring you any new business. 

Optimize for Mobile

Eighty-five percent of Americans own a smartphone, and a good chunk of them don’t have any other devices that they use to get on the internet. More people are shopping, or looking up restaurant menus, or checking reviews on their mobile phones. Your website needs to be mobile-responsive to turn that traffic into conversions. Websites that load in desktop view on smartphones are now deprioritized in most search engine returns. 

If you’re looking for a way to boost sales, look no further than SEO. You can boost your website traffic from organic search – and your conversions – with these simple tips from Linkflow to get a more technical and in-depth overhaul of your webpage. With the right keywords, the right metadata, and a content refresh, your website will soon be drawing in more traffic than ever and your business will be booming, too!

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