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Top 10 Best Mobile Affiliate Networks to Follow in 2021

Best Mobile Affiliate Networks

What are the Best Mobile Affiliate Networks? Any profession or business should be focused on earning a good return on investment. It’s true, isn’t it? This approach is deeply understood and respected by us. How can one optimize their return on investment and generate business leads? To make future decisions, it is necessary to have a dashboard that provides actionable insights. All your efforts and hard work will be in vain otherwise.

Is it also your goal to promote and increase the downloads of your mobile app or game? What if you wanted to boost the revenue of your business by drawing traffic to your website? You are on the right page if this is what you are looking for.

Your knowledge of mobile application development will greatly assist you in reaching direct advertisers and affiliate networks which facilitate saving time and multiplying profits. Advertisers direct their offers to you by aggregating the offers of several media companies and providing the most cost-effective offer from that pool. The best part is that you don’t have to deal with advertisers yourself.

Mobile Affiliate Network – what is it?

The best mobile affiliate networks serve as a middle man between advertisers and affiliates. Affiliate networks are agreements between specific businesses or mobile app owners involved in selling a good or service online, and affiliate networks that send strong traffic to the sites of these businesses in exchange for a commission.

Affiliate networks can track and analyze different user actions on their app, such as total transactions, lead sales, conversions, etc.

Best Mobile Affiliate Networks (2021)

1. iCubesWire

Bengaluru-based Quotient Four Technologies owns the company.

This industry’s most rapidly growing mobile affiliate network is iCubesWire. Various coupons and offers are available for different programs on this network.

Additionally, iCubesWire offers affiliate marketing services on several e-commerce giants including Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Additionally, mobile marketing services are available, including:

  • Push notifications
  • Using SMS as a marketing tool
  • Push mobile marketing within apps
  • App installation campaign for iOS, Android, OEMs, and APK
  • Solution for mobile users that is innovative
  • WAP and m-sites branding

2. Mobiglide

With considerable experience in product development and advertising, Mobiglide is one of the best mobile affiliate networks. This network specializes in a wide range of areas such as E-commerce, Mobile Lead Gen, Cost-Per-Acquisition, Trial Campaigns, App Install.

Mobileglide employs a competent team of affiliate managers, business development managers, and account managers to maximize your revenue, scale your reach, and grow your portfolio. With products in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia, this mobile affiliate network became the mobile pioneer.

3. Leadbit

Leadbit’s affiliate managers are highly professional and have expertise in developing and promoting a website, app, blog, and other material in a wide range of niches. Leadbit lets you work with traffic from anywhere in the world, so you’re not restricted to a particular market.

In addition, the network offers attractive affiliate programs that are updated frequently. You can also receive 24/7 technical support from a personal manager. It is easy to set up and requires little support, unlike other networks.

4. ClickDealer

In addition to providing performance-based marketing solutions for agencies, publishers, and advertisers, Click Dealer is part of GDM group companies.

You can make a lot of money using ClickDealer’s platform. It allows you to prepare all promotional files on your behalf and to translate them into any language, so you can increase your passive income. Moreover, the company offers specific advertising services based on clients’ KPIs. The company has partnerships with over 1800 advertisers worldwide in 12 lucrative verticals, including Health & Beauty, E-commerce, Mobile Utilities, Games, Travel, and Sweepstakes.

5. CrakRevenue

Publishers and advertisers use the CPA advertising platform Crokrevenue to connect faster. By offering a 5% lifetime referral program to affiliates, it allows affiliates to make a handsome amount of money. Affiliates can also earn through 3 other programs, including:

  • VIP Affiliate
  • Active Affiliate
  • Elite Affiliate

The VIP or Elite plans of this fully vertical affiliate network come with a dedicated affiliate manager, as well as captivating deals and promotions. A commission plan that offers active affiliates may also provide them with annual payout bumps that they didn’t expect.

6. DGM

In addition to its marketing expertise, high-quality supply sources, advanced technologies, and unique processes, DGM is a professional international digital media network offering numerous online marketing solutions. They all provide email marketing, social media, and search capabilities.

It has accumulated measurable results on digital platforms through the association of numerous clients. This platform allows affiliates to reach a broader audience across different website genres, provide video content and video advertising, and deliver internet traffic and mobile traffic based on demographics.

7. Komli

Using Komli to facilitate programmatic buying transparency and seamless advertising is an amazing platform. It collaborates with more than 4000 advertisers across a wide range of affiliate programs. The company has also lived in this industry for more than seven years, making this a leading digital media platform.

Besides the platform’s reviews, it is also labeled as one of the best mobile affiliate networks in the world as it has helped both big and small companies reach their audiences and meet their targets with effective solutions.

8. MobxNetwork

MobxNetwork offers plenty of lucrative GEOs with plenty of special offers. Over 100 advertisers from all over the world are part of this CPI global network.

Using a leading network can also help your app or website attract high-quality traffic that helps your business grow. MobxNetwork’s unique selling point is that it offers vetted traffic sources proven by experience.

Support from this platform’s efficient customer support team is available whenever you have any questions or encounter any problems along the way. Additionally, the app owner will receive mannerly assistance, enabling them to analyze the traffic and obtain immediate feedback from the advertiser.

9. PayV

The company used to operate as WapEmpire; later the name was changed to PayV.

As a member of the PayV network since 2013, PayV has established itself as a secure network and a trusted partner to many Media Buyers, Webmasters, Affiliate Networks, and Affiliates. In addition to conversion on CPS, CPA, and RevShare, the company is also well-known for converting worldwide traffic.

Additionally, the platform provides 24/7 customer support, enables affiliates to select different offers, along with a tracking platform that provides detailed statistics.

10. AdsMain

Established and founded in 2010, AdsMain is an online advertising network. Numerous business owners have come to trust this digital platform since then.

In addition to being one of the best mobile affiliate networks, AdsMain also successfully developed a strong relationship between publishers and app developers. Moreover, the CPA network offers robust support to its affiliates.

AdsMain is also primarily focused on generating revenue and making ample profits for both advertisers and publishers.

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