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Free online CV maker

Using a free online CV maker can be quite helpful for ensuring a successful job interview and producing a resume that matches your goals. Although there are many websites that provide this service, the features and quality offered may differ. It is essential to choose a resume maker that fits your unique needs. When attempting to land your ideal career, creating a flawless CV becomes essential. In this article, we’ll look at the top 10 free tools for generating a great CV that are available online. Continue reading to know in detail about these free online CV maker tools.

What is CV?

The objective of a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume is to summarise and arrange one’s entire career of education, training, and professional experience. While resumes are frequently used for a variety of work jobs, it’s vital to keep in mind that CVs are mostly used for academic or research professions, where a more thorough presentation of prior experience and skills is necessary.

A CV, which stands for “curriculum vitae” in Latin and means “course of life,” is a lengthy and detailed document that lists a person’s accomplishments in both their academic and professional fields. Regional terminology may differ: for e.g., Americans frequently refer to it as a resume, but Europeans and New Zealanders refer to it as a CV. But the basic idea is still the same: a 1-2 page document that is informative and highlights expertise and skills.

Benefits of a Free Online CV Maker

There are several benefits of using a free online CV maker tool.

  1. Detailed Description of Experiences: You can give a thorough summary of your experiences using a free online CV tool. By having everything properly organised in one location, you can avoid having to remember specifics while applying for a new job.
  2. Consistent and Well-Structured Resume: You may make sure that your resume is presented in a consistent and well-structured manner by using a free online CV tool. These tools help you organise your information in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and simple to use.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: These programmes’ user interfaces are created to be straightforward and incredibly user-friendly. This streamlines the experience and avoids the need to start the CV preparation process from scratch.
  4. Concentrate on Essential Content: A free online CV tool assists you in concentrating on your resume’s most important elements. It provides industry-accepted examples and templates that act as a manual and offer guidance on how your resume ought to be formatted and presented.
  5. Convenient Updating and Sending: To update and transmit your CV using a free online application, all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. This makes access easy and flexible, ensuring that your resume is always current and accessible.

Overall, utilizing a free online CV maker tool can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of creating and managing your resume.

List of Top 10 Free Online CV Maker

Here we have listed the best CV maker online that will help you get the perfect CV. Continue reading to know about these top 10 free online CV maker in detail.

1. Zety

  • Zety is a free online CV maker which provides a complete collection of resume-building tools.
  • There are more than 20 resume templates available, along with pre-written examples and writing advice.
  • Additionally accessible are a cover letter builder and sample cover letters.
  • Resumes can contain connections to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • After you’ve finished the build, go to the “Online Resume” option in the header to generate a free link to your résumé.
  • The builder lets you create a document from scratch or build on an existing one.
  • Zety offers a premium subscription that includes access to sophisticated tool settings and multiple resumes.


2. Top 10 Free Online CV Maker
  • Depending on the kind of job you’re going for, provide nine various resume templates for you to select from.
  • Each element of the template is simple to change, and you also get advice on how to create a winning CV.
  • Once finished, you have complete control over the process and may print or download your resume as a PDF or text file.
  • With the “Import LinkedIn” tool available on, you can quickly add details from your LinkedIn profile to the design.
  • Along with resume building, also offers career advice, tips for drafting cover letters, and other services.
  • Additionally, they offer a job search function that enables you to look for employment based on position and area.
  • Your resume is available for free download. In a variety of file formats with this free online CV maker.

3. NovoResume

3. NovoResume Top 10 Free Online CV Maker
  • Eight templates, a content optimizer, pre-written resume examples, and a cover letter builder are all features of the free online CV maker NovoResume.
  • The process of creating a resume is made simpler by NovoResume’s user-friendly and straightforward interface.
  • Fill out the required details after choosing your desired resume format.
  • With NovoResume, you may directly alter the document’s text, font, template, design, and layout, which is not possible with other resume builders.
  • It is simple to add or remove other areas like those for awards, diplomas, languages, and volunteer experience.
  • Users with basic accounts have the option to build one-page resumes and can download those resumes for free.
  • When using the premium resume generator, you may create an unlimited number of resumes and add more fonts, layouts, and customizations.

4. My Perfect Resume

4. My Perfect Resume Top 10 Free Online CV Maker
  • Free online CV maker with more than 30 tested resume templates is available from My Perfect Resume.
  • They include numerous customization choices, a resume optimizer, a cover letter builder, cover letter templates, and more.
  • Completed resumes are available for download as Word documents only (there is no PDF download option).
  • The builder can be used to create more resumes if you upgrade to a paid account.
  • For career changers and entry-level job seekers, optional parts like awards, certificates, and volunteer work can be added.
  • The first step in creating a resume is to specify the length of your employment history, which is followed by template suggestions.
  • Each area includes instructions, ideas, and the choice to have the bullet points created for you.

5. JobScan Resume Builder

5. JobScan Resume Builder Top 10 Free Online CV Maker
  • The flagship application from JobScan makes resume customisation possible by matching it to the job description.
  • The free online CV maker is simple to use, making it easy for job seekers to navigate the customization process.
  • It is created to optimise resumes for applicant tracking systems and is ATS-friendly.
  • Recent releases from JobScan include a free resume builder with eye-catching templates, design choices, writing aids, and cover letter templates.
  • In order to produce a professional end product, the resume builder uses a split-screen approach where you input your information in one section and view the prepared result in the other.
  • It gives users the choice of creating a resume from scratch or editing an already existing one. Users can also download a LinkedIn profile as a PDF and use it as an “existing resume.”
  • Each part has a set of clearly labelled fields, some of which are necessary to collect complete data.

6. Indeed

6. Indeed
  • Indeed provides a quick resume builder that makes resume building simple. It is a free online CV maker.
  • By automatically sharing your CV with potential employers on the website, you may increase visibility and stand out from the competition while applying for jobs.
  • There are eight available templates, and the resume builder makes it simple to update the resume.
  • The ability to change templates, alter colour schemes, and add or remove sections supported.
  • During the procedure, the resume builder does not suggest upgrading to a paid account.
  • Compared to other builders, there are less format and design possibilities available.
  • Even if there are better resume builders out there, Indeed’s is a fantastic option for individuals looking for a quick and simple fix.

7. Canva

7. Canva
  • Canva offers a wide range of resume templates in numerous categories to accommodate unique needs and trends.
  • With a free Canva account, there is no restriction on how many free resumes designs you may use.
  • It’s simple to create a resume using Canva: select a template, enter your information, and download your resume without charge.
  • To improve your resume, Canva offers additional design tools such as icons, graphics, and fonts.
  • Canva offers a free basic account and is one of the best free online CV maker tools. However, some of its more sophisticated customization capabilities may cost money.
  • The alignment, text size, and fonts of some formatting components must be manually change.
  • Canva’s resume templates might not always be compatible with applicant tracking systems, which could impair their usability.

8. CakeResume

8. CakeResume
  • CakeResume has a simple drag-and-drop interface with pre-made parts for quick resume creation.
  • By adding LinkedIn data, you can create a public profile and promote your professional brand.
  • Your resume can be download in PDF format, making it simple to share and print.
  • A basic resume can create for free, and it is advisable to edit and update it for various positions using the free version.
  • The restricted free edition, however, only permits the generation of one simple résumé.
  • The only format available for resume download in this free online CV maker is PDF.
  • CakeResume does not guarantee compatibility with ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems).

9. Standard Resume

9. Standard Resume
  • The builder for Standard Resume makes it simple to import data from LinkedIn, saving time and effort.
  • Real-time advice and tips given to improve the caliber and potency of your resume.
  • With the help of the mobile app, you can easily edit your resume while on the road using a smartphone.
  • Standard Resume offers extra paid plans that give more capabilities in addition to the free basic version.
  • You can download your resume as a PDF once it’s finish. There is only one resume format available in the free online CV maker version.
  • There aren’t any other file formats besides PDF that may be download.
  • Standard Resume’s compatibility with ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) is not assure.

10. Resume Genius

10. Resume Genius
  • With multiple-choice questions and an exceedingly user-friendly resume builder, Resume Genius makes it simple to create a resume.
  • The ability to include pre-written bullet points saves time and gives work duties unique to a given industry.
  • In this free online CV maker, your resume is available for free download as a format-free.txt file.
  • Only a handful of the multiple-choice questions concerning your training and experience are left blank while the builder walks you through them.
  • On the pricing page, a 14-day trial is available for $2.95 and followed by a $24.95 monthly subscription fee.
  • The “Add Pre-Written Bullet Points” tool is a fantastic way to speed up and ensure clarity while creating resumes.
  • By logging in and downloading your stored resume as a.txt file, you can access it. However, in comparison to other resume makers, the customising choices restricted.


While writing a resume or CV, you have to focus on both, the design as well as the content written in it. Sometimes, people often go for the design and forget to write good things. For seeking more jobs and good opportunities in your field, your CV has to be eye-catching. And these free online CV maker helps you get the best CV for you. We hope you found this article helpful!

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