How to deal with Board exam anxiety?

Board Exam is important for all! So, keep quiet and help the students as much as you can.

Life goes on and on. So, why sit and mourn before a Board Exam and be anxious? Be on your own. Do what is in your control! Leave things that are out of control! Relax between studies and never ever worry! Exam anxiety is normal, so try to be stress free!

Let’s explore the kind of activities, which can calm down your nerves, when you are thinking meaninglessly towards the negative side. You can just focus on the positive side by enjoying yourself throughout the journey of Board exams!

For most of us it is our first board after corona lockdown. Even students of 12th are facing it for the first time as their 10th board exam could not happen due to the severity of the COVID-19. 

So, it is wise to revise as per the exam schedule and keep taking short breaks for relaxing and enhancing your productivity. 

 1. Start an Early Revision

Schools finish the 10th and 12th Board Exam syllabus sooner than other classes, so that students have ample time to revise many times before exams. It’s good to solve previous year questions and textbook problems for thorough practice and sound preparation. It helps to reduce stress. 

2. Timetable Preparation

Following a timetable for studies is a great way to enhance your productivity. It helps to allocate proper time to each subject and extra time to the difficult subjects. This is helpful in making you more confident and less stressed during Board Exam. 

3. Apply Techniques of Active Learning 

It’s good to make diagrams, flashcards, images, notes while revising your subject. You can ask quiz questions to your friends to add more fun to your Board Exam studies. 

This kind of activity is more interesting and less burdening. It also helps you to remember things easily and stay alert during studies.

4.Balanced Diet for Balanced Mind

A nutritious diet and enough water intake keeps you physically as well as mentally strong and active. Fruits,  legumes, vegetables, nuts, lentils, seeds along with a good amount of water gives you energy to work harder. It also helps in staying more focussed and alert during Board Exam preparation. 

5. Group Studies with buddies

It is boring to study alone but when it is done with a study buddy or with a group of buddies, it is less stressful. Friends cheer up each other with overwhelming exam anxiety. 

6. Asking For Help 

If there is a tough question in front of you, then don’t hesitate to ask your teachers. They can help you with an easy way to find the solution. You can also share your problems with your elder or younger siblings as they understand you more than others. Your parents can give you expert advice if they had studied the same subjects in their Board Exams. Also, they are eager to help you with the best solution of the time. 

7. Plan Every Day as a New Day

It is good to make a timetable for each day and take regular breaks for relaxing. If you study non-stop, then you get tired and bored at some point of time and it is counter-productive for your studies. Hence, it is advisable to take a day off from a week and go out with friends or family. This will relax and rejuvenate your body and mind to study harder in the following week. 

Various Relaxing activities to refresh:

Deep breaths

Take a deep breath in to energise and breathe out to relax more. Every breath going in will bring out anxiety to calm down your mind before Board Exam. Try to revive from exam anxiety!

Practising mindfulness

Present is now! Future is awesome! Be in the present moment by observing your thoughts as they are without changing or judging them. This will help you to focus well on your course. 


Meditating during study breaks will help you to get on track. When you meditate you know how to sideline the irritating things and stay with peace at the time of Board Exam. 


It helps you to be relaxed and stress free throughout the day. Walking, running, cycling, yoga, push-ups are good for an active and peaceful mind. These activities help to detox your body and mind.

Write to express

Writing your feelings and thoughts helps you to feel light from the exam anxiety. You become your own boss and guide your mind to the right path. 

Oil massaging

It is good to massage your body with scented, medicated oils, which relieve pain to heal your mind and soul. You can play soothing music and light a scented candle for more relaxation. Even massaging with normal oil helps to destress a ton. 

Drinking herbal tea

Herbal tea is very useful  to detox and relax. Having herbal tea with ginger, lemon, chamomile and lavender help you to relax more and work with your full potential.

Soothing music

Listening to music can also help you to relax more, but it should be light and soothing. It helps to rejuvenate and do great.

Warm shower

Warm shower is undoubtedly relaxing as it helps to lower the body pain. You feel fresh after a warm shower or bubble bath. You feel like staying there for as long as it is refreshing.


Sometimes, cooking can also be a great stressbuster. You tend to forget about exam anxiety when you are busy with mixing masalas for a spicy taste.  

Slight intake of tea or coffee

It helps to stay awake and alert to some extent, but too much caffeine can be harmful and make you more anxious than before. It increases gastric problems, which make you restless. 

Self talk

Sometimes talking to yourself helps a lot. You must boost your confidence by talking positively to yourself. You can guide your mind to stay happy, healthy and blissful.  Don’t wait for anyone to motivate you to do what you want. You know best what is the best for you. 

Self care

We often complain that nobody cares about us. So, why do you care about them? You can watch a movie or read your favourite book to pamper yourself after sincere studies. 

Drawing or Painting

It can be fun to draw something of your interest and paint it with your favourite colour. Mandala art is also helpful to relax and realise your basic nature. 

Restful sleep

Getting enough sound sleep is great to be stress free and work at your best for the Board Exam.

Stress ball 

Squeeze out the stress to release your e. There are many such tools to relax. Try them out to chill!


If anything mentioned above does not work and things seem to be out of control, then you should consult a Psychiatrist for specialised care. They listen to you carefully without judging you and give you proper advice as well as medicine to stay healthy and happy.

Happiness is the key to success. So, never postpone for another day. Be happy now and feel the wow factor in your life. You have been studying for a year to get good results after the exam. So, just revise and be wise. 

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