Karan Johar feels insulted by his ‘own film industry’? What did he allege?

Karan Johar insulted by comedian

A veteran, Karan Johar, in the Indian film industry with more than 25 years of practice, recently caught on to social media. It’s to articulate his grief and dissatisfaction over an imitation event involving him on an apparent TV channel. Karan Johar was insulted by the comedian in a show. The filmmaker, recognized for his offerings to Bollywood, shared a cordial note featuring his feelings regarding the incident.

Disturbing Response of Karan Johar on insult by comedian

In his Instagram account, Karan Johar exposed how he and his mother were watching television when they arrived across a preview of a reality comedy show on an allegedly reputable channel. The show attributed a comic imitating him in what he portrayed as “surprisingly poor taste.”

This event struck a chord with Karan. He articulated his emotions, stating that a comic was mimicking him in surprisingly poor taste. He expected this from trolls and nameless and unknown people but when one’s industry can disregard someone who has been in the industry for over 25 years, it speaks volumes about the times we live in. This doesn’t even rage him but it just makes him sad. It is just because Karan Johar was insulted by the comedian in his own film industry.

The mimicry episode gained interest in public media, with many wondering about the personality of the comedian concerned. Karan did not openly name the character or the show. But signals were pointing towards comic Kettan Singh, who is a piece of the comedy show Sony TV’s

 ‘Madness Machayenge India Ko Hasayenge’.

In reply to the controversy, Kettan Singh printed a public confession to Karan Johar, stating regret if his actions had caused any harm to the filmmaker.

 The comedian said that he is a fan of his work. And he would like to apologize to him. His intentions were not to hurt him in any way. He just wanted to entertain the audience but if he did something superfluous, he would like to say sorry to him.

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